Today News: 1233 E Cattle Market App Lunched – How Its Work

The 1233 E Cattle Market App is an innovative solution introduced by the government of Punjab, Pakistan, to transform the process of purchasing sacrificial animals. Launched by Maryam Nawaz Sahiba, this app allows users to buy livestock online and have it delivered directly to their doorstep. It aims to offer a convenient, safe, and efficient method for procuring animals, particularly during the festive periods of Ramadan and Eid-ul-Adha.

What is 1233 E Cattle Punjab Online Livestock Market?

The Punjab Online Livestock Market has been established to facilitate the buying and selling of animals. If you need a sacrificial animal, you can visit the official Punjab Online Cattle Market website. As Eid-ul-Adha approaches, Muslims prepare to sacrifice animals on the 10th of Zul-Hijjah, following the Sunnah of Ibrahimi. Did you know about other new app lunched “Maryam Ki Dastak App“.

Punjab Online Livestock Market latest news and updates.

The act of sacrifice is meant to foster the spirit of giving one’s beloved possessions in the way of Allah. With Eid-ul-Adha nearing, the enthusiasm for sacrifice grows among Muslims, who visit cattle markets to select their animals. The sacrifices, performed after the Eid al-Adha prayer on the 10th of Dhu al-Hijjah, continue for three days.

The meat from the sacrificed animal is divided into three parts: one for the person making the sacrifice, and the other two parts for the poor, widows, orphans, and the needy, ensuring that even the most impoverished can enjoy the meat of a healthy animal. Good for formers that kisan card registration is also started you can apply easily here on it.

How to Buy Animals from the Punjab Online Livestock Market

Purchasing from the Punjab Online Livestock Market is straightforward. By visiting the official website, you can view pictures and details of various animals and their prices. Choose your desired animal and complete the purchase online. In addition to livestock, you can also buy and sell fodder and related products through the E-Cattle Market mobile application.

What is 1233 E Cattle Market?

Only certified traders can participate in buying and selling livestock online, ensuring safe transactions and customer confidence. NADRA-certified dealers’ products are published, and a cash-on-delivery option is available for secure payments. Customers can provide feedback to enhance trust among buyers.

What is Punjab Online Livestock Market Helpline?

For any inquiries, you can call the Punjab Online Livestock Market helpline at 1233. This service provides comprehensive information about the online cattle market, including buying and selling processes. It is an excellent platform provided by the Government of Punjab, enabling people to purchase sacrificial animals and trade livestock.

Cattle Available in the Punjab Online Livestock Market

The Punjab government’s online cattle market offers a convenient way for Muslims to buy sacrificial animals. It simplifies the process of selecting healthy animals for sacrifice. The market features a variety of animals, including cows, buffaloes, goats, sheep, bullocks, and camels. Additionally, people can sell their animals through this platform. Punjab Goverment started Green Tractor Scheme apply for it.

Key Features of the 1233 E Cattle Market App

  • Convenient Animal Purchase: Buy livestock from the comfort of your home.
  • Home Delivery: Animals are delivered directly to your doorstep.
  • Subsidized Prices: Livestock is available at prices lower than the market rate.
  • User-Friendly Interface: The app is easy to navigate and available on the Google Play Store.
  • Health and Safety: Promotes better public health by reducing the need to visit crowded markets.
Call on 1233 for latest update about live stock from Punjab goverment

How to Use the 1233 E Cattle Market App

  1. Download the App: Available on the Google Play Store under the name “E-Cattle Market.”
  2. Register: Create an account using your personal details.
  3. Browse: Explore the available livestock options.
  4. Select: Choose the animal you wish to purchase.
  5. Order: Place your order and provide delivery information.
  6. Receive: Get your animal delivered to your doorstep.

Benefits of the 1233 E Cattle Market App

  • Ease of Access: Purchase animals without the hassle of visiting physical markets.
  • Subsidized Costs: Benefit from government subsidies to buy animals at reduced prices.
  • Safety: Avoid crowded markets, particularly important during ongoing health concerns.
  • Digital Transformation: Contributes to integrating technology with traditional practices in Pakistan.

The 1233 E-Cattle Market App has been well-received by the public, who appreciate the convenience and ability to avoid crowded markets. This app not only streamlines the purchasing process but also represents a significant step towards digital transformation in Pakistan.

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