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New Collection Of Best Mehndi Designs in 2020

Unique And Latest Collection Of Mehndi Designs  2020

Simple Mehndi Designs

Simple Mehndi Designs is a design that is easy to apply for mehndi artists. Such designs are not complicated and make the application very easy. Simple designs do not mean that they cannot be heavy, but they do not require too much complex work. simple mehndi design is mainly suitable for Eid. At Eids, not everyone likes heavy and full designs, so people choose simple Mehndi designs.

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Arabic Mehndi Designs:

The arabic design is mostly floral and flowing. There are many gaps between the flow of mehndi in arabic mehndi designs, and this allows the hands to display. In mehandi Arabic design, you will find a combination of bold and intricate designs that complement each other so well to form a beautiful design. Mehndi is designed in patches, but there is still flow in the overall design. The Arabic seems uniquely beautiful due to its lush and fluid design. Mendi’s Arabic design shows that without covering the entire area, you can still make it beautiful.

Indian Mehndi Designs:

Mendi’s Indian projects are diverse, but they are on a heavier side than Mendi’s Arab or Pakistani projects. The mehndi indian design is very delicate and sophisticated. Mendi’s Indian designs cover all arms and legs with various patterns and motifs. Mendi’s Indian design is also based on thicker, bolder and more intricate, delicate designs that blend together to form a beautiful layout. Mendi’s Indian design is unique and requires great practice and precision to be applied perfectly.

Bridal Mehndi Designs:

The design of wedding mehndi varies for different countries and regions. For Arabs, the mehndi wedding design still remains on the less heavy side. When it comes to Pakistani and Indian brides, they choose heavy models that can take up to several hours to fully apply. Typically, mehndi designs begin with the forearm and cover the entire arm and arms. Feet is also an important canvas where mehndi is applied. Mendi’s wedding patterns are usually symmetrical and repeat the same pattern on both arms and legs.

Rosette and Filigree Mehndi Designs:

Roses are a huge part of any mehndi design. Different views of roses, and then the flow with it makes any design look great on hand. However, in recent years we have seen a trend in the design of the rosette mehndi, which turns into a delicate pattern, like filigree. This is the same pattern that is made on the whole arm and looks no less than a beautiful glove of roses. Floral and filigree mehndi designs are one of the most beautiful mehndi designs.

Criss Cross Mehndi Designs:

Criss Cross Mehndi Designs is more of a graphic representation of mehndi. They are symmetrical and look sharp. Criss Cross Mehndi designs beautifully cover the canvas and surface. The Criss cross-shaped design is difficult to apply, but it gives a very classic and classic look to the hands and feet.

White Mehndi Designs:

After the traditional mehndi, a fascination with white mehndi has appeared in recent years. White mehndi is not only different from the traditional, widely used mehndi, but it is also a great substitute. White mehndi is trending in Western countries, as well as in countries of Southeast Asia. While in South Asia, ordinary mehndi are indispensable.

Black Mehndi Designs:

Black mehndi is widely used in African countries as well as in Arab countries. Mendy’s black designs look best when they don’t completely cover the arms. Because of the black color, the smaller the better the approach – the best way to do it. Mendy’s black designs are usually floral and look incredible.

Red Mehndi Designs:

Red Mehndi is popular in the region of India and Pakistan. Red mehndi is also different from traditional mehndi. The design of mehndi is similar to any other Indian or Pakistani mehndi, but the spot that it leaves is red, which makes it stand out a little more and looks absolutely beautiful.

Minimalistic Mehndi Designs:

Freed from Mendi’s traditional heavy designs, the new trend is minimalist design. Such designs are very elegant and unique. Mendy’s minimalist design is more like making a statement without putting too much effort. Similar designs are good for busy moms on the go, who barely have time to wear mehndi, so they can rely on such designs and enjoy wearing mehndi. Mendy’s minimalist design has many possibilities for creating different and unique designs that are unconventional and atypical.

Finger Mehndi Designs:

Mehndi finger design can be marked as a subcategory of minimal design. You can go with a little heavy hands and cover all your fingers, and it will look beautiful. This is a relatively new trend, and those who do not want their hands to be completely covered prefer finger designs. This is the beauty of the mehndi in that everyone can take a look at it in their own way, and it still brings joy to someone who adorns their hands.


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