Latest Update: Solution for 938 Error in Ehsaas Program Payments 10500

Today News is about 938 Error in Ehsaas Program Payments? how to solve this program? How we can check this issue online? what is process and how to eligible for this program?. The Ehsaas 10500 Program provides crucial financial support to many families, but some beneficiaries are experiencing the 938 error when trying to withdraw their money. This guide will help you understand and resolve this issue.

What is the 938 Error?

The 938 Error in Ehsaas Program Payment happens when people try to withdraw their Ehsaas 10500 payments but can’t because of a system problem. This issue has caused a lot of stress for those relying on this financial aid from the Government of Pakistan.

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Causes of the 938 Error

  • System updates and maintenance
  • Incomplete or incorrect beneficiary information
  • Technical problems at the withdrawal points

Upcoming Payment Solution in July

There’s good news! The Benazir Income Support Programme (BISP) is updating its system, which should fix the 938 Error in Ehsaas Program Payment by the first week of July.

How To 938 Error Check Online?

BISP (Benazir Income Support Program) was having trouble with payments. People were not getting their money. If you tried to get your money and saw the code “938” after thumb verification, it meant your money hadn’t arrived, and your details couldn’t be verified.

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BISP looked to top officials for help to solve this issue. They assured that registered members facing these difficulties shouldn’t worry. You can even get your money at home. Here’s how to resolve the “938” error and other related issues:

  1. Understand the Error Code 938:
    • When you see code 938, it means there’s a problem with your details or eligibility.
    • Check all your information before trying to get your money to avoid issues.
  2. Avoid Disqualification:
    • Don’t take any loans from the National Bank if you’re part of the BISP program; this can disqualify you.
    • If you or your spouse transfer land, a motorcycle, a rickshaw, or a car into your own name, you will be disqualified.
  3. Improve Your Eligibility:
    • If your poverty score increases, it can lead to disqualification.
    • Follow the guidelines carefully to stay eligible.
  4. Update Your Information:
    • Visit the BISP office to update your information or redo your survey.
    • Update your identity card number, phone number, and complete house details.
  5. Get Help from NADRA:
    • Make sure your details are also updated with NADRA to avoid any trouble in getting your money.

Following these steps will help you solve the “938” error and ensure you receive your 10500 BISP payments without any issues.

What is 938 Error in Ehsaas Program Payment?

What You Need to Do

  1. Visit the Nearest BISP Office:
    • Go to your local BISP office before the system update.
    • Tell the staff about the 938 error you’re experiencing.
  2. Report Your Problem:
    • Explain your issue in detail.
    • Make sure your beneficiary information is complete and correct.
  3. Wait for the Update:
    • The final phase of the recent installments will start in early July.
    • Be patient; the system update will fix the 938 error and other related issues.

Additional Installments

Common Questions

What is the 938 error in the Ehsaas 10500 program?

The 938 error happens when beneficiaries can’t withdraw their payments due to system issues, often caused by updates, maintenance, or incorrect information.

How do I fix the 938 error?

Visit your nearest BISP office, report the 938 error, and ensure your beneficiary information is correct and up to date.

When will the 938 error be resolved?

The BISP will update its system in early July to fix the 938 error, and regular payments will resume afterward.


The 938 error has been an inconvenience for many Ehsaas 10500 Program beneficiaries, but a solution is coming soon. Follow the steps above and wait for the system update. For more updates, stay in touch with your local BISP office and look out for official announcements.

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