Ali Rabee Al-Ostoura Harif Koura – Video

Ali Rabee Al-Ostoura Harif Koura – Video

The artist Ali Rabie, through his personal account, posted an Instagram top trend video of his new social video that highlights his physical fitness through some spectacular movements of the ball.

Artist Ali Rabie commented on the photo, which is now top trend saying: I am Al-Assad, is it ⚽️ #

Ali Rabee

The video won the admiration of many of its followers and its top trend , and a large number of the audience interacted with it. The most prominent comments were as follows:

And God is a customer
Ali Rabi` Jada
Abu Rabi` Ya Myth
It is mentioned that Ali Rabi` presented the series “Idea in a Million Pounds”, which he contested during the last Ramadan race, and he achieved very great success.

The series “Idea in a Million Pounds”

revolves around Alaa, who is making an equation with an industry diploma to enter the College of Engineering, but the circumstances make him come up with an idea that gives him a million pounds, especially after the encouragement he found from his teaching friend at the Faculty of Arts, Department of Psychology.


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