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Ali Zafar’s song for the PSL  ‘Mela loot liya’ sung after everything became known with the official anthem performer Ali Azmat, finally came out. This is exactly what he promised; lively and makes you want to sing and dance together.

Ali Zafar’s PSL 2020 Anthem is Finally Here [Video]

Without further ado, let’s share with you a video that took a little over 5 days after Ali Zafar asked his fans to send in their dance moves to become part of the song. The song is called “Mela Loot Liya.”

The sensation of singing was linked to the Pakistan Super League in the first few seasons, and when the official anthem came out earlier this year his fans wanted him to sing alone for them.

Apparently many Pakistanis did not approve of the Tayyar Heyn hymn performed by such singers as Ali Azamt, Arif Lohar, Harun and Asim Azhar.

Even worse, Ali Azmat accused Ali Zafar of conducting a hate campaign by paid bloggers and fans against the official anthem PSL 2020.

Later Ali Zafar responded to the allegations by participating in the excavations of singer Junoon after which the hashtag #BhaeeHazirHai began to spread in the country.

Ali zafar psl song 2020

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