All Time Best Sad Songs Ever Fresh Play list 2020

All Time Best Sad Songs Fresh Play list 2020

Sad Song Also Like Sad love song here is complete unique play list of all time best ever sad song for you

No matter what you go through – whether it’s trying to wrap your head around the unprecedented times in which we live, deal with a broken heart after someone recently saw you, or just feel all the feelings after a painfully long week, sadness comes in all forms and these new songs are here to help us take a few breaths, exhale and release them.

All Time Best Sad Songs Fresh Play list 2020
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From Demi Lovato to Mick Mill and Roddy Rich, this is our quick list of the best sad songs of 2020.

Snow Child – The Weekend

No one expected After Hours to be a fun album, but most of us did not expect it to be so grim. Weeknd seems to be on the verge of awakening when he realizes that everything he worked for, as long as he lacks the depth he craved. Los Angeles is number one delinquent, as proven in The Snow Child.


PARTYNEXTDOOR fans will not be surprised to see “Another Day” on this list. While he, of course, most often releases gangsters with people like Drake, many of his songs are sultry and moody. “Another day” is no exception.

“Modern Solitude” – Lat

Lauw beautifully describes the current state of our society in a heartbreaking song called Modern Loneliness, reflecting on the fact that we are “never alone, but always depressed.” When we struggle with physical loneliness during the COVID-19 crisis, Sad Songs it is more relevant than ever. Let’s figure out how to change this when it’s over.

Sad Songs 2020 Playlist

Good News, Mac Miller

The Mac Miller release in early 2020 is a reminder of how tragic it was to lose the promising young rapper in 2018. He demonstrated the more vulnerable side of Sad Songs himself in this hymn in order to be exhausted and upset by life circumstances.

“circle the drain,” Soccer Mommy


A soccer mom, even on her happier tracks, has this aesthetic that fits well with the sad list of songs. In this, she captures the apathy that may occur at a time when you are just trying to live a day.

Lost Yesterday, Hand Impala

A quick sad bop is always welcome. You know, to be sad does not mean that you also have to be sad. Singing about sweet memories of shitty times, Tame Impala impresses with that sweet spot of sadness that amazes when you are in such a low place that even past bad times seem better than the present. Woof.

“Sometimes” – HER


I’m not sure what we did to deserve a new single from HER, but “Sometimes” pervades your soul, like all the rest of the music of a 22-year-old. Sad Songs It’s all about moving unpredictable changes. “Because sometimes shit doesn’t take its course, sometimes / And sometimes you are going to” have such days / And sometimes you will feel out of place / You cannot promise me that everything will be the same. ”

The Walls – Louis Tomlinson

In The Walls, Louis Tomlinson shows his maturity, thanking the former for the strength that his broken heart gave him. However, he is still a little dark when he starts and finishes the song with the words: “Nothing wakes you up like waking up alone.”

“No Time to Die” – Billy Eilish


Billy Eilish created No Time to Die for the upcoming James Sad Songs Bond movie (due out in November 2020). Like everything else that it produces, it is a terrible masterpiece of melancholy and great capital feelings.

“Anyone” – Demi Lovato

The world was moved to tears when Demi Lovato performed her new single “Anyone” at the Grammy in 2020. Lovato wrote a song, which is a devastating cry for help, four days before her nearly fatal overdose in 2018. “I remember being in the hospital and listening to the song, and that was about a week after I was in the hospital, and I finally woke up and I just remember remembering the songs that I just recorded, and thought: “If there is, whenever I return, I want to sing this song,” –

Sad Songs 2020  Fresh Playlist

“A Long Time Ahead,” Caitlin Smith

Good. Old. Classical. Sadness. The gloomy track of Caitlin Smith is the song that you listen to when you leave this terrible place. A chronicle of the other side of the unsuccessful breakup, Sad Songs Smith’s powerful vocals mixed with the blues tune is the perfect combination of anger and hope.

La Kelsey Ballerini


Oda Ballerini in Los Angeles goes beyond the location; if you have ever moved to a new city, you understand the “love and hate relationship with Los Angeles” that she sings about. Torn between loneliness and the prospect of something new, “la” at the same time receives a bitter-sweet feeling of anxiety and hope.

“Anyone,” Demi Lovato


After a break due to mental health, Lovato made an incredible return to the Grammy, Sad Songs singing her song “Anyone”, which she recorded four days before the overdose. Hospitalized in 2018, the single was delayed until 2020, when she emotionally performed it on national television. Sad Songs The product turned out to be the most emotionally raw and beautiful Lovato song to date.

A Letter to Nipps, Mick Mill, Roddy Rich


In memory of the late rapper, who was killed in 2019, Mick Mill and Roddy Rich simultaneously paint a tragic picture of Nipps Hassle’s funeral and give a positive signal about the future. It is a hope wrapped in tragedy.

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