The Amazing Films That Appeared In 2019

Amazing Films

Last year saw the release of a set of Hollywood films in which fantasy mixed with strangeness and madness, which is of course sufficient to enter the list of the strangest films in 2019.

The Amazing Films that appeared in 2019

The Day Shall Come

This film has a strange feeling of its own, as it deals in essence with how the security policy of the events of September 11th, feeding on the mentally ill to overly accuse terrorism. “The Day Shall Come” is amazing film discusses the real injustice prevalent in madness befitting its subject.

The Amazing Films focuses on Moses amazing film, a head of a family who addresses animals, leads his small group on duck walking, and wanders the streets of his neighborhood in Florida, heralding the collapse of the occasional hegemony of European race.

amazing film his keen desire to keep his “farm” on a collision course with several US security agencies puts him happy with the title of dangerous terrorist.

Amazing Films That Appeared In 2019
Amazing Films That Appeared In 2019

 I Lost My Body

The film has a very perplexing story, as it narrates through its events a grim exploration of the possibility of challenging one’s sense of self, toppling, cutting and restoring it. This is implemented with a sense of magic realism that no company like Disney could touch Amazing Films .

“I Lost My Body” is the only cartoon on this list.

The amazing film shows us two parallel stories, about the young orphaned young, Nofal, who is keen to find a place in the world while he desperately needs guidance.

In the other story, a severed hand roams the city of Paris, with its rats and ugliness, in search of its owner. It is the hand that literally manages the film, as it expresses all the emotions that natural humans seem unable to pronounce.



The Lighthouse

We previously talked about The Lighthouse in a previous article , the second by director Robert Eggers, The Witch, and for anyone who knows him, his films are dominated by dedication to design, production, and historically accurate verbal expressions.

His new movie introduces a set of events with a sense of strangeness, as Dafo, who steals the spotlight in the film, is forced to fight against a gull and a small statue of a mermaid who both dominates the screen.
What attests to the strange nature of “The Lighthouse” is that every inanimate object radiates personality and anger of the mighty northeast wind.


Was there anything left to say about “Parasite”, after receiving the Palme d’Or Award, and critics loved him, and his numerous nominations for various awards?

With all his social interactions, there is still something strange in the heart of “Parasite”.
Soon, director Bong Joon succeeds in communicating mentally with the viewer’s mind, so that all of the following becomes a fit for the madness that somehow seems completely normal.

And it totally deserves to be one of the strangest films of 2019.

Amazing Films That Appeared In 2019
Amazing Films That Appeared In 2019


The second Ari Aster movie is an experience that crept into scenes as plants that might be hallucinating his main character. Film analyzes have noted that almost all of his events occur in daylight,

which is rare for his category. But those who saw the movie will know that this is just a point in its sea of strangeness.

The film builds on the themes of sadness, Amazing Films common pathological attachment, and the need for belonging. His journey begins with a celebration of a solstice, which takes place every 90 years, and makes perfect use of terrifying pagan images.

But what gives Midsommar his true strangeness is his way of putting us before the distorted perspectives of his characters, their quirky reality, and their surrender to madness.Final chapter of Star Wars Released Now Dawn of ‘Dawn of Skywalker’


Amazing Films That Appeared In 2019
Amazing Films That Appeared In 2019


It is a movie that unfolds in patience and leaves the task of communicating points to the viewer. Amazing Films It is a recent movie that belongs to the Cowboy Film category in a not-too-distant future and unfortunately very familiar.

It has people watching realistic homicide programs on digital television spliced on the back of trucks, space-shaped drones flying across the countryside, and water scarcity.
In Fabric Basically the story is about a haunted dress,Final chapter of Star Wars Released Now Dawn of ‘Dawn of Skywalker’

Amazing Films but the strangest thing and the most exciting is the feeling associated with the place, which confuses madness with the usual.


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