Amazon Car for sales back home with AR [CES2020]

Amazon car takes the car under consideration for car sales back home with AR [CES2020]

Amazon car takes the car under consideration for car sales back home with AR [CES2020] has shown the near future concept of car sales at CES

The world’s largest digital technology trade show.

You can take the customization that you have considered at physical stores and events back home and check them with AR (augmented reality).

It also provides marketing functions for automakers and dealers.

Amazon has proposed “the future of automotive retail” as a mechanism to enhance the customer journey

Customers interested in the luxury car Cadillac of General Motors (GM) with digital technology such as AR.

Amazon luxury car currently sells cars from various car companies on Amazon Vehicles

but customers do the actual purchasing such as selecting options Amazon car ,

on each car company’s website. In this exhibition Amazon Car

It is expected to be used in real places such as real stores and event venues.

The customer can e-mail the contents of the examined option and the like, and can continue the examination at home.

The aim is to increase Amazon Car the willingness to purchase by considering even after the customer returns home.

Ascertain customer’s hesitation with log data

Automakers and dealers have the advantage of staying in touch Amazon car  with customers visiting stores and events.

We obtain data such as how the car was operated in the process of customizing the Amazon Car so we can see what options and specifications customers are interested in.

Manufacturers and dealers will also find out which grades their customers are considering.A sales representative in charge of sales can also recommend via email or conversation,

“There is no silver but there is a black body.” By the way in the United States it is common to buy a car of a color and grade that is available at dealers.Demos were also linking these data to’s CRM (Customer Relationship Management) service.

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Enhanced voice AI assistant in the car

At the CES, Amazon car  has been serious about exhibiting solutions for cars.

In the United States, cars are commonly used for commuting with the aim of using Amazon services during that time.

For example in partnership with Exxon Mobil in the U.S Alexa a voice AI (artificial intelligence) assistant from within a car, has been able to pay for gasoline by saying “Alexa pay for gas.”

Link with Amazon’s payment service   “Amazon Pay“.

The company also announced a partnership with Lamborghini Italy and Libyan Automotive  US electric vehicle (EV) maker.

It is an expansion of what has been provided to Toyota, Audi, BMW and others.In addition to car navigation and store locating,It can open and close the garage and control the air conditioning function of the car.

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For example, saying “Alexa is hot” will lower the temperature inside the car.

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