Foreign media exposed iPhone12 details new iPhone in 2020

2020 for Apple will be the year with the most new iPhones ever launched, and at least 5 new models will be launched

Apple iPhone 2020 for Apple will be the year with the most new i phones ever launched.

News on December 23, the latest details collected by the Japanese media from the industry.


Chain that have previously accurately disclosed the new iPhone information many times show that the largest screen of Apple ’s iPhone 12.

Series next year has reached 6.7 inches, and the new machine will still be used Liu Haiping styling.

The report also mentioned that from the perspective of the 3D model of the new iPhone model they saw.

The mobile phone borrowed from the iPhone 4 style in the styling.

At the same time the screen has become flat and no longer has a 2.5D arc.

The rounded style of the iPhone 11 series is completely different.

And they continue to carry 3D structured light modules.

handsets and other components and the back completely continues the existing three camera shape.

For such a shape  industry chain sources also said that because it is still too early to launch in September next year.

Apple will also make appropriate adjustments based on the existing shape.

Judging from the reports sent by the industry chain and analyst Guo Mingyu.

2020 will be the year when Apple launches the most new iPhone in 2020.

Four models, which also shows that they want to compete with Android manufacturers in the end

While the other 6.1-inch and 6.7-inch versions have triple rear cameras.

Apple will sell models that support only Sub 6G or Sub-6G + mmWave  software level turns off the Sub-6G iPhone model 5G function  according to different countries.

This is to reduce the cost of purchasing Qualcomm Snapdragon X55.

Guo Mingyu also pointed out in the report that Apple will create more differences between high-end models and other high-end models.

Which will help increase the shipments of high-end models and iPhone ASP.

At the same time, he also predicted that Benefiting from 5G upgrades, new designs.

 IPhone shipments will increase 6% to 205-210 million units in 2020, and iPhone shipments will increase 8% to 2.2-2.5 in 2021 100 million.

For Apple’s upcoming 5G iPhone with iso 13.

Many industry analysts have expressed their optimism that even if their prices will not be cheap.

There are more users of 5G phones.

As for the price of the 5G iPhone that everyone cares about, Guo Mingyu also said that although the cost of the iPhone will increase significantly after adding 5G network support.

Apple may not increase the price too much, and it will transfer some of the cost to the industry chain.

Then make appropriate adjustments to the model to reduce some costs, such as canceling the integrated middle frame design, after all, the excessively high selling price will reduce apple iPhone shipments and reduce market share.




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