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Apple improve the quality of photos in iPhone

Apple smart phone improve their function of capture best images

Modern cameras in smartphones are striking in the ratio of small sizes of modules and shooting quality.

It would seem that it is possible to fit apple components into such a small lens in cameras they are much larger.

But in fact, not only the technical, but also the software base is responsible for a good shot and apple smart phones locking for this .

During the development of mobile lenses technology companies including Apple  have come to the conclusion.

That software enhanced images allow even a simple component to make a small masterpiece for best apple smart phone.

And recently, the Kupertin team decided to acquire the promising i phone startup Spectral Edge.

Which is developing software processing frames.

How it works now we will tell.

Apple will increase the level of photos in the iPhone

The new startup uses several popular and advanced technologies to process photos at oncein apple smart phone .

First of all, Spectral Edge is a neural network that has a huge database with different images. Before that, all these images were processed by specialists in order to visually train artificial intelligence.

After you take the photo again, the neural network will find a similar one, made under the same conditions and already processed.

And then in problematic places it will correct inaccuracies, blur, brightness level and other camera jambs.

In addition, the technology will increase detail.

Now, the best apple smart phone  uses another technology

Deep Fusion, introduced this year. She does roughly the same thing, but does not seek other examples for help. After her work.

the frames are even higher quality than the originals. And many users do not even notice that the system improves them.
By the way, many photographers oppose such improvement algorithms.

They claim that after automatic processing the originality and skill of the author are lost.

But we see nothing wrong with that.

Nevertheless, not all of us are professionals in this matter, so the additional help of artificial intelligence will not hurt us.

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