7 Secrets That Experts Of Best Chrome Extensions Don’t Want You To Know.

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Best Chrome Extensions Google Chrome is a great browser in itself, it is fast Best Chrome Extensions light and doesn’t hinder the content you want to see.

But what makes Chrome unique from other browsers is the ability to add Extensions to your personal installation.

There are tens of thousands of accessories to choose from on the Chrome Web Store most of which are free!

  1. + Hover Zoom
  2. Momentum
  3. Panic Button
  4. Mercury Reader
  5. Feedly
  6. Evernote Web Clipper
  7. Strict Workflow
  8. Pushbullet
  9. OneTab

The Top Pros And Cons Of Best Chrome Extensions.

You can install these extensions on Google Chrome for Windows, as well as Linux and MacsOS devices such as your Chromebook. 

However, Chrome extensions will not work on mobile versions of Android and iOS.

In this article we review a list of the best extensions for Google Chrome that will revolutionize your work system!

The 30 Best Chrome Extensions 2020 It Will Give You An Insane Result

Best Chrome Extensions

+ Hover Zoom

Best Chrome Extensions This tool is very convenient if you are browsing websites like Reddit which contain very small images of large images.

Best Chrome Extensions
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Unless it’s larger than your computer screen the tool will display the image at its original resolution, and supports mobile formats like gif and gifv. 

It even allows scrolling through the list of photos on Imgur without opening the site.


Momentum replaces the “new tab” page in Google Chrome with a more dynamic alternative. Although there are many similar options on the Chrome Web Store,

Best Chrome Extensions
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Momentum’s landscaped landscape photos focus on a large easy to read aesthetically pleasing watch.

Panic Button

A little web browsing while you work will not hurt anyone, but your manager may not succeed! This tool adds a simple button to the Chrome toolbar that instantly hides all open tabs when clicked

Best Chrome Extensions
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keeping them as temporary bookmarks for easy retrieval. The function can be linked to the keyboard shortcut for faster activation.

Mercury Reader

If you need to access an alternate display of a specific website, to save JPG or PNG images instead of WEBP images on the Google Play Store for example this extension allows you to instantly switch between desktop and mobile versions of Chrome

Best Chrome Extensions
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Firefox, Edge and Internet Explorer Safari and default web browsers for Android and iOS.Best Chrome Extensions  It is also possible to set up rules that automatically load specific websites into a specific browser profile.


Since the sudden demise of Google Reader Feedly has become the de facto standard for RSS readers on the web. 

It is possible to use the tool in your browser without problems, but for quick access, the official extension is very useful.

Best Chrome Extensions
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The plugin adds the Feedly mini icon to the lower left corner of sites with a compatible RSS feed. best google chrome extensions If this bothers you you can disable it on the web, or only on specific sites.

The Ultimate Revelation Of best google chrome extensions.

Evernote Web Clipper

The Evernote extension allows users to quickly mark text images or both and save them for later consumption.

Best Chrome Extensions
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Custom modules also allow greater functionality on frequently used websites like Facebook YouTube and Amazon and there is also a built-in screen capture tool.

Strict Workflow

Best google chrome extensions This tool is designed to do this. The plugin creates an automatic blocker that prevents any non-work-related pages you specify for 25 minutes.

Best Chrome Extensions
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Then it gives you five minutes to relax and browse social media and wherever you want

Best Chrome Extensions before returning again to 25 minutes of work. It is an excellent tool to tend to be dispersed at work time.


For Android users, the Pushbullet tool is one of the most valuable additions of Google Chrome. The tool pushes your important notifications to Chrome and allows you to reply without leaving the browser.

Best Chrome Extensions
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This means that you can get and send texts reply to messages on WhatsApp or Messenger share files and more.


For those who want to open a few tabs on Google Chrome, this tool is effective! If opening multiple tabs at the same time slows down the browser due to the excessive load on RAM

OneTab extension provides the solution for this by giving you one tab that depicts all open tabs by displaying them in the form of a list similar to the archives you can refer to It saves you memory and speeds up the browser operation.

Best Chrome Extensions
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