Best Way, how to use Netflix party chrome extension 2023


Here we can discuss the Netflix party chrome extension, its features, and how it works.

  1. How to use netflix party on phone
  2. Does Netflix party work on mobile?

Best Way How To Use Netflix party chrome extension Complete Setup

Netflix Party allows friends to host movie nights on social media. this is how it works chrome extension

Quarantine and chill?  The fact that you react to coronavirus leads to social distancing does not mean you and your friends. Should refuse your evenings at the cinema or from watching television programs.

Thanks to the Google Chrome extension called groups of friends can virtually gather and simultaneously browse their favourite Netflix names on their computers.


Netflix party chrome extension also comes with a chat, so you can share your reactions to the programs as you watch. All you need is a Google Chrome browser, an extension, and a Netflix subscription to participate.


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Here’s how it works:

  • Go to in Google Chrome and click on “Get a Netflix Party For Free!” This will redirect you to the  page in the Chrome Web Store.10 happy, joyful fun TV shows to watch Coronavirus news from Queer Eye to Gilmore
  • Click Add to Chrome and then click Add in a popup window. Netflix Party will be added to the Google Chrome browser’s upper right corner next to the address bar. He will have the initials “NP.”
  • Make sure your friends have downloaded NP to their Google Chrome browsers.
  • Using the Google Chrome browser, go to and start the show or movie you all want to watch.
  • Then click the “NP” button in your browser. You will also have the opportunity to take responsibility for pausing, fast-forwarding, and rewinding by checking the box, “Only I have control.” If you do not, someone in your group will be able to use these features.
  • Click Start Party and copy the URL that appears.
  • As soon as your friends open the link, they should log in to Netflix and click the “NP” button in their Google Chrome browsers.

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Now you should be in sync! Enjoy your program. You can also chat with each other via a group chat on the right side of the screen. Choose a holiday badge.


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