Bird flu in Philippines 2020

Bird flu in Philippines 2020

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What is the bird flu?

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The Philippines discovered bird flu in quails  The bird flu epidemic has emerged in the Philippines in the northern province after tests revealed the highly infectious subtype of the H5N6 influenza virus in quails, the country’s agriculture minister said Monday.

According to Agriculture Minister William Dar, the bird flu virus, which is the same strain that affected local poultry farms in 2017, is located in Jaen, Nueva Ecija, where ca. 1500 quails died on one farm.  

In total, 12,000 bathrooms were destroyed and buried to prevent further infections, Dar said, citing field reports.

Veterinary checkpoints have also been established to limit the movement of all live pets to and from the containment area.

“We want to emphasize that this is a problem, because there is a plaintiff,” – said Dar. doctor

Arlene Vytiaco, a technical supporter of avian influenza in agriculture, said that although it can be transmitted to humans through selection and excretion, its chances are very limited.

There is also a zero mortality rate

Dar said his department and local government were conducting a joint investigation and outreach to identify the source of the infection.To ensure a stable domestic supply of poultry,

Bird flu in Philippines 2020

Philippines detects bird flu outbreak in quail farm

he said it would be permissible to carry overnight chicks, hatching eggs and chicken meat provided the source farms have tested negative for avian influenza.


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