Latest News: BISP ATM Cards Apply Online For 12000 BISP Payment

Good News again for you! BISP ATM Cards started again. Want to Apply for 12000 BISP payment? Already registered for this program? Where from you are receiving you Ehsaas program payment? we have all update for you here! Lets get start to explain everything in easy words for you to better understand.

The Benazir Income Support Scheme (BISP) has announced a major update for its beneficiaries. Starting from July 15, BISP payments 10500 will once again be available through ATMs. This update comes after a long period of closure and includes several new improvements to the program.

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Key Updates On BISP ATM Cards Apply Online

BISP ATM Cards Apply Online process is started now yoo have to visit your nearest BISP tehsil office and complete your registration process and get your ATM Card, Now you can get your BISP Payment from many other banks ATM which are added now newly in this BISP Program.

  • Start Date: July 15, 2024
  • Payment Amount: PKR 10,500
  • ATM Availability: Expanded to six additional banks.

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Key Points to Pay Attention to When Paying at BISP ATMs Cards

  • Reopening of ATMs: After a long period of closure, ATMs will once again be available for Benazir Kafaalat payments.
  • New Bank Partnerships: Payments can now be withdrawn from six new banks.
  • Simplifying the Survey Process: NSER Dynamic surveys are no longer required for women who are already verified or who are continuously eligible for participation for the next two years.
  • Mandatory Check-Ups: Women joining BISP after a gap of 2.5-3 years are required to undergo follow-up check-ups to continue receiving benefits.

New Banks For BISP Payment

The addition of six new banks for ATM withdrawals will significantly improve accessibility for 8171 BISP beneficiaries. The expansion aims to reduce crowding and long wait times at existing ATMs.

Easy Screening Process

  • No Need for Re-Examination: Women already being screened will not need to take another survey.
  • Continuously Eligible Women: Women who are eligible for the next two years will not need to be retested until after that period.
How to apply for BISP ATM Cards Apply Online ?

Important Update

  • New Beneficiaries: Women joining the program after a gap of 2.5-3 years must undergo a dynamic examination. Failure to comply with this requirement may result in disqualification.

Last Phase Of 12000 BISP Payment

The last phase of the current episode of BISP should end soon. Payments will be transferred to the beneficiaries’ accounts, ending the long wait. Beneficiaries are advised to take precautions against the summer heat when visiting ATMs.

When Will BISP ATMs Resume Operations?

BISP ATM services will resume on July 15, 2024.

Do I Need to Have a New Test to Continue Receiving BISP Payments?

You need to take the new survey only if you have joined BISP after a gap of 2.5-3 years. Otherwise, if you are already being tested or are continuously eligible for the next two years, you do not need to take a new survey.

How to Get BISP 12000 Through ATM Cards in 2024?

The Benazir Income Support Program (BISP) is a landmark initiative in Pakistan aimed at providing financial assistance to the country’s most vulnerable citizens. In 2024, there will be significant updates regarding ATM card disbursement. This article serves as a detailed guide on how to claim BISP 12000 through ATM cards, ensuring that eligible beneficiaries can access their support seamlessly.

BISP 10500 via ATM Cards 2024

In light of recent developments by the Government of Pakistan, BISP has increased the amount of support, especially for children. Earlier, beneficiaries were receiving Rs Ehsaas 10500 Payment every three months. Now, an additional Rs 3,000 has been added to this amount. For children in the same class or supporting students, the amount of assistance has been increased to a maximum of Rs 12,000.

BISP Compliance Criteria Update

To qualify for Ehsaas Program assistance today, people must meet certain criteria, including being identified as a program participant and correctly registering ID card numbers. It is important to ensure that all required documentation is up to date to avoid interruptions in receiving support.

Steps to Get BISP 12000 Through BISP ATM Cards

  • Check Your Eligibility: Ensure you meet the eligibility criteria set by BISP. Make sure your ID card number is registered correctly to avoid problems receiving payments.
  • Update Information as Needed: If there are any changes to your personal information, such as address or contact information, be sure to update it in BISP to ensure smooth communication and payment processing.
  • Activate Your ATM Card: If you have not already done so, activate your BISP ATM cards at your nearest ATM. Follow your bank’s instructions to set up a PIN and access your funds.
  • Withdraw Funds: Once your ATM card is activated, you can withdraw BISP funds from any ATM across the country. Keep your PIN secure and do not share it with anyone to protect your account.
  • Stay Informed: BISP regularly informs beneficiaries of changes to the program, including any adjustments to payment schedules or eligibility criteria. Stay up-to-date with the latest updates by checking official communication channels and BISP websites.

It is vital to note that BISP has announced that funding for many children will cease as of February 29. Therefore, it is important to share this information with others and ensure that all relevant beneficiaries are aware of this important update.

Additionally, individuals whose ID numbers are not registered correctly should resolve the issue immediately to avoid disruption in support. Hope you understand each and every part of this article and your mind is clear after reading this, if you have still confusion let me know i will guide you more about it until you get BISP ATM CARD.


The resumption of BISP ATM card services on July 15, 2024, will be a significant milestone for the Benazir Income Support Program and its beneficiaries. With the reopening of ATMs and the opening of six new banks, access to payments will become more convenient and efficient. Simplifying the survey process will ensure that eligible women can continue to receive support without unnecessary barriers.

Once the final phase of the current episode is completed, beneficiaries can expect timely payments. Remember to stay safe and take precautions against the summer heat when visiting ATMs. This update reaffirms the government’s commitment to supporting vulnerable groups and improving service delivery through BISP.

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