What Is The Story Of The “Blue Eye”

Blue Eye If you have been to Turkey before, perhaps what caught your eye is the blue eye pamphers, which are abundant in homes, shops, streets, on roads and almost everywhere.

Blue Eye Story About Turkey

This eye is popularly known as the “evil eye”, and it has been an integral part of the culture of Turkish people for thousands of years.

“Blue eye” or “evil eye”, what do you mean in Turkish culture?

Every nation has myths that have arisen over the years. The blue eye is more than just a popular myth in the history of many civilizations, and the source of this eye is the belief that the outlook may cause pain, injury, or bad luck to anyone on the receiving end.

Envy was one of the things that most ancient peoples believed in. Their generations inherited this feeling, and throughout history they have produced many tools and forms of talismans designed to ward off bad luck.

For example, the rabbit’s foot was the most common European example to ward off bad luck. In Turkey, “Nazar Bunko” is widely known in homes, stores and roads. Not only is the Nizar Bunko pendants a Turkish tradition, it is also one of the most memorable gifts sold in bazaars and popular stores


The blue eye is decorated with many small rings and large necklaces, often made of ceramic in the form of home comments, and they are all sold in places where tourism is booming, such as the Istanbul Grand Bazaar.

Traditionally, the “blue eye” shape is round or spherical, with a dark blue color with an eye shape that centered it. Almost every Turkish person holds this necklace in his pocket or hangs it in his home.

The Story Of The Blue Eye

The Story Of The Blue EyeHere comes the most important question, do the Turks or those with a blue eye pendants believe that they will ward off bad luck for them?

The relationship between the Turks and the Nazar Ponko comment appears to resemble that of a toddler with a comfortable blanket. They don’t quite believe it will be the cause of good luck, but they give them “peace of mind” as they describe them.

Like the old legend, when the evil eye cracks, it does its job to protect its owner from something bad that would have happened to him!

Now that the “evil eye” is being sold as souvenir gifts, it is surprising to know that not all of them are made in cheap factories in China. The Turkish evil eye is a major trade that spans more than 3,000 years.

Men have learned this industry from their parents, and they have special ovens that are very hot to color and shape glass. It is not just a cheap industry, but a heritage industry with a long history, albeit relatively cheap.

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