Bud Bunny new album YHL MDLG Top trending 2020

Bud Bunny new album YHL MDLG

Bad Bunny, the biggest star to emerge from the Latin trap scene, has officially released her second album.

Timed to midnight Leap Day release in his native Puerto Rico, YHL-MDLG-abbreviation, which stands for Yo Hago Lo Ke Me Me Da La Gana (Spanish for: I’m doing What I Want) – arrives on streaming and digital download platforms fourteen months following his full-length debut X100PRE and eight months after Oasis, his joint EP with J Balvin.

Bud Bunny new album YHL MDLG Officially announced

during an appearance on The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon, the 20 song project hosts a host of vocal guests including luminaries and rising stars in the world of m’sica urbana. Among those featured in the first category are Daddy Yankee, Jowell and Randy, zengo Flow and Yaviah, all of whom have logged significantly longer than reggaeton. In the latter category are young talents such as Douki, Mora and Sech.

YHL-MDLG also boasts

some unexpected guests whose names have not appeared on promotional works that have previously been published by Bad Bunny on social media. “Este Cabron Ser Yo” presents his long-awaited pairing with fellow trapeper Anuel AA, while “Puesto Pa’ Guerrial” features rapper Myke Towers and “P FKN R” has the appearance of urbano vet Akandgel.

Expectations for sales and graphics are high for YHL-MDLG, given its track record. The X100PRE peaked at number 11 on the Billboard 200 and received a 10-fold multi-platinum certificate (600,000 units) in the RIAA’s Latin program last May  of September last year, the project had reached 2x multi-platinum status (120,000 units).


The pre-production singles YHL-MDLG also performed incredibly well. “Vete” peaked at number 33 on the Billboard Hot 100, while “Ignorantes” charted last week at number 79. “” on the Spanish-language singles chart.

Bud Bunny new album YHL MDLG

While the album will conveniently premiere at No.1 on Top Latin Albums and arguably the best X100PRE and Oasis in terms of Billboard 200 debuts, some of yhl-MDLG’s songs seem certain to have a significant impact on Hot Latin Songs in their first qualifying frame, including the next designated single, “La Dificil”. The music video for the music video fell at the same time as the album’s fall. And if Oasis’ late blooming hit “La Cancion” is any indication, Bad Bunny should be able to keep subsequent singles up on the chart for a few months to come.

It is noteworthy that the album lacks “Callaita”, a hit last summer with his longtime collaborator Secretly. It is expected that one will appear on the manufacturer’s own project.


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