Complete Software Evaluation Criteria

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Complete Software Evaluation Criteria

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Everything has a measure of its perfection, and software is no exception. Moreover, the standards for evaluating complete software are much stricter than many other measures.

Complete Software Evaluation Criteria Today DTH Share will bring you the standards used to evaluate software according to ISO 8402-1986 for the definition of “QUALITY – QUALITY”.

Definition of a complete software

A complete software, in addition to meeting the evaluation criteria, must also be part of the bugs or defects within an acceptable range delivering the product within the allotted time meeting sufficient or reasonable requirements. demand from customers and must be able to expand later.

The software evaluation criteria are complete

Good design (Good design)

Meeting the standards of a complete piece of software, it’s important to have a good design. The application or product must meet all technical requirements and at the same time, it must be user-friendly. More information

Complete Software Evaluation Criteria

The customers are basically attracted by the beauty and style of the application.

Complete Software Evaluation Criteria The right color combination, font size, and style of the text and buttons are very important.

Good functionality

Aside from a user-friendly interface, it is important that the functionality is perfected. This is the software evaluation standard should focus on the most.

All features and their functions will work as expected. There should not be any discrepancies in actual results and expected results.


After we have tested for all its features and functions it is also very important, that the application or product must be reliable. Example: There is an application that records student records.

This application should save all student records and should not fail after importing 100 records. This is called reliability.

Consistency (Consistency / Definitely)

The software should be consistent/reliable across the entire application or product. Single software can be multidimensional. It is very important that all different sizes should operate consistently.

Durable (Sustainable – Long-lasting)

The software should be sustainable – long-lasting. For example, if the software is being used for a year and the amount of data has exceeded 5000 records

It should not fail if the number of records increases. Software products or applications should continue to operate in the same way without any break function.

Good after-sales service (Effective maintenance)

Once the product is shipped to the customer, the maintenance period will begin. It is very important to provide good sales services to keep customers happy and satisfied.

For example, if after six months of product use, customers make some changes to the application, those changes should be made as quickly as possible and must be sent to customers on time with quality…

Value for money

Providing products to customers with value for money is very important. Complete Software Evaluation Criteria Products must meet technical requirements.

It should work as expected, should be user-friendly. We should provide good service to our customers.

Other than the features mentioned in the technical requirements, some additional functions may be given to customers they may not have thought of.

These additional functions need to make their products more user-friendly and easy to use. This also increases the value of money.

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