Delhi Exit Poll 2020

10 to 15 seats will be lost on AAP's return to power

Delhi Exit Poll 2020: 10 to 15 seats will be lost on AAP’s return to power


Delhi Exit Poll 2020 Live Updates: 


Polling is over in all 70 seats of Delhi Assembly and 56.75 percent polling has been done till 6 pm. BJP’s performance seems to be improving compared to the last assembly election. At the same time, in many exit polls, there has been no improvement in the condition of the Congress and its account also does not appear to be open. The exit poll will give an estimate of who can form a government in Delhi.

According to the exit polls so far, AAP is losing 17 seats compared to the last assembly election. It is estimated to get 50 seats. At the same time, BJP seems to gain 16 seats. According to the exit poll, the BJP is projected to get 19 seats. In the survey, Congress is expected to gain one seat. Congress account was also not open in the last assembly elections.


Read, Delhi Election Exit Poll 2020 Live Updates: 


In Aaj Tak and Axis My India survey, AAP is expected to get 59 to 68 seats, BJP + two to 11 seats. Exit poll is also expected to open the Congress account this time and others are expected to get four to six seats.

In the survey of News X, AAP is expected to get 53 to 57 seats, BJP + 11 to 17 seats and Congress minus 2.

– In the TV 9 Bharatvarsha- CICERO exit poll, AAP is expected to get 51%, BJP + 34%, Congress 9% and other 6% votes.

In the survey of ABP and CVoter, you are expected to get 42 to 54 seats. BJP + is projected to get four to 16 seats. At the same time, Congress + is expected to get zero to four seats.


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In the survey of Sudarshan News, you are estimated to get 40 to 45 seats. BJP + is projected to get 24 to 28 seats and Congress two to three seats.

In the exit poll of Republic and Jan Ki Baat, AAP is expected to get 48 to 61, BJP nine to 21 and Congress one.

In the exit poll of Times Now, the Aam Aadmi Party is expected to get 44 seats and BJP 26 seats.

– The Aam Aadmi Party is confident of repeating the amazing victory achieved in the last assembly election where it won a historic victory in 67 out of 70 seats. The Bharatiya Janata Party, which won all the seven seats in Delhi in the 2019 Lok Sabha elections, is expected to defeat AAP, while the Congress is looking to win by improving its performance compared to the last time.

Delhi Exit Poll 2020

It did not get a single seat in the last assembly elections. The AAP got 54.3 percent votes in the 2015 elections, while the BJP got 32 percent and the Congress got only 9.6 percent.

The Election Commission placed 516 places and 3,704 polling booths in sensitive category and paramilitary ballots were deployed there. Each polling station is being monitored through webcasting. The police have deployed around 40,000 security personnel, 19,000 homeguards and 190 companies of the Central Military Police Force for the smooth election.

By 11 am 7.5 percent voting was recorded. However, after noon the voting speed had started increasing. Till 3 pm, 30.18 percent voting was recorded. While 42.7 percent voting was recorded till 4 pm and 44.52 percent voting till 5 pm.

What percentage was the voting percentage in the last assembly elections


In the Delhi exit poll 2020 assembly elections, in 2015, 67.12 percent votes were recorded in Delhi. At the same time, the vote in the 2013 election was 65.63. 57.58 percent of the people in Delhi voted in the 2008 assembly elections. 53.42 percent in 2003.



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