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Tips For Better Diet Plans

Tips For Better Diet Plans

Throughout history, people have strives to find ways to lose weight. In order to obtain quick results, strange types of diet or diets appeared.

And if you thought that the cabbage soup diet was strange, read the following to amaze you with what people were doing and eating to lose weight!

The Strangest Types Of Diet In The World

The strangest types of diet “diet food” ever!

Diet Plans Diet “Avoid the Swamps”

In 1727, Thomas Short noticed that obese people lived close to swamps. His treatise, entitled “Causes and Effects of Obesity,” concluded with a single logical solution from his point of view to combat obesity, which is to move away from the swamps.

Tapeworm diet

Why waste your time planning healthy meals if you can optionally infect your body with predatory parasites? In the early twentieth century, tapeworms were sold in the form of tablets for dietary purposes. 

When a person takes a pill and the worm reaches its intestine, it sometimes grows to 25 feet in length. The desirable aspect is that it feeds on a person’s food in his stomach and thus feels that he is achieving his goal of losing weight.

 However, it also causes cloudiness, dementia and other serious diseases. And the US government prohibited the sale of the disease due to the resulting deaths.

Diet Plans Cotton balls diet

Do you feel hungry? Simply take a cotton ball! It tastes good and contains “zero” calories!

Diet slimming soap

In the thirties of the twentieth century, if you could not melt fat, it could always be washed with soapy products intended for slimming as promoted, such as Fat-O-NO and Fatoff. In the end, it turned out that these foaming products were hand soaps!

Cigarette diet

In the 1920s, people who were hungry were encouraged to smoke a cigarette instead of eating food. Strange that the diet was prescribed! Instead of dying from obesity, you can die from lung cancer, for example.

Sleeping Beauty Diet

Guess what? You cannot eat while sleeping! From here emerged this strange diet, which claims to be the most appropriate way to get rid of excess weight lies in sleep, and encouraged people during the sixties to spend most of their time sleeping!

Vinegar diet

In the 1820s, Lord Byron popularized a vinegar-based diet. His main idea is to drink a lot of vinegar daily, plus one cup of tea and raw eggs. Side effects of this diet included diarrhea vomiting.

Vision diet

Psychologically, blue is supposed to suppress appetite. So, if you want to eat less, wear blue glasses lenses almost everywhere!

Chewing diet

In 1903, Horace Fletcher became known as The Great Masticator for losing about 40 pounds of weight to a strange impulse, and he was denied health insurance because of his weight. The secret is that he chewed every bit for 32 times and then spit out leftovers.

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