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Facebook Going To Banned Fake Videos

Social Media Site Facebook announced that fakes were Banned on the platform.

 Such Facebook announced that fakes were Banned on the platform.

For those who dont know  fakes are manipulated Facebook banned fake photos.

Photos and videos that ordinary people cannot distinguish from real or fake ones.

This was announced by Facebook on its blog on Monday.

Authored by Monica Bickert, Facebook’s vice president of global policy management.

The policy is just in time for House Energy and Commerce hearings titled         Americans in Danger

Manipulation and Deception in the Digital Age information age .”

A new set of rules is specifically designed for targeted deep fakes created using machine learning and artificial neural networks.

The social media sites such as Facebook will begin to delete content that has been edited in such a way.

That it does not seem ordinary for an ordinary person. as the media can mislead someone.

social media platforms will also looking for this

There is an exception in politics for content that is manipulated for the fake work.

Stories or videos that have been edited to change the order in which they appear or to delete a few words.


This ban was introduced as a result of a change in the video of the speaker of the U.S. House of Representatives, Nancy Pelosi.

which became popular on c in the summer of 2019.

Facebook said at the time that this video did not violate Facebook  policies.

Even now the footage does not conflict with the policy  since it was not created using AI but edited using readily available software.

Twitter was also caught  the whole situation.

Facebook begin working on his anti-fake policy in November.

In a blog post  Facebook explained its approach to media manipulation by saying:

If we simply deleted all the manipulated videos that the fact controllers marked as false

They would still be available elsewhere on the Internet or in the ecosystem of social media  networks.

By leaving them and marking them false, we provide people with important information and context.




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