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Fake Sanitizer brands in Pakistan Ban Top Trend

Fake Sanitizer brands in Pakistan Ban do not meet WHO standards.

Fake Sanitizer brands in Pakistan During the outbreak of coronavirus, the federal science and technology minister, Javad Chauri, listed all sanitizer companies that do not meet the World Health Organization (WHO) criteria for public health protection.

On Friday, Fawad went on Twitter to confirm the names of Sanitizer brands that sell counterfeit or substandard products, as claimed by the Pakistan Standards and Quality Control Agency (PSQCA).

Fake Sanitizer brands in Pakistan Ban

Fake Sanitizer brands

Fake Sanitizer brands in pakistanDear all! According to PSQCA random testing after 23 Sanitizer did not meet WHO standards, we advised the health departments to remove these Sanitizer  brands from stores.

Here is a list of brands declared fake by PSQCA:

List of Fake Sanitizer brands in Pakistan

  1. Super
  2. PG Impex
  3. Advance GermX
  4. FineX
  5. G Natural
  6. Befikri
  7. Care Family Germ Protection
  8. Vincent
  9. 24 Karat
  10. NMP
  11. Clean and Shine
  12. Handsanitizer
  13. Livi
  14. Care
  15. Miracle
  16. Danby’s
  17. Saffron
  18. Care
  19. Vince
  20. Red Wind
  21. Chroma
  22. Johnsons
  23. Capex
Fake Sanitizer brands in Pakistan Ban
Image Credit To Govt Of Pakistan

The minister advised the oblast health departments to remove these  Fake Sanitizer brands from stores.

Fake Hand Sanitizer Companies In Pakistan

Earlier in a television statement, Fawad Chaudhary said more than 60 percent of hand sanitizers available throughout the country were found to be Fake Sanitizer .

Fake Sanitizer brands in Pakistan  During the show, he promised to prepare a list of all low-quality products and publish it on Twitter.

Chaudhry said Pakistan also produces Fake Sanitizer and coronavirus testing kits.

He added that the test results for the on-site diagnostic kit were 99 percent accurate and submitted to the Pakistan Drug Administration (DRAP) for final approval.


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