Why Youth Not Doing Exercise?

A recent report from the World Health Organization (WHO) states that four out of every five children aged 11 to 17 are not exercising for a healthy lifestyle worldwide.

Such a first of its kind review states that it is affecting children’s mental development and social skills

The report states that the problem of not having the proposed one-hour exercise exists in both poor and affluent countries. In 142 of the 146 countries studied, boys exercise more than girls about yoga exercises.

For this review, any activity that is seen as a workout that speeds up your heart rate and causes apple cider vinegar your lungs to breathe louder. This includes running, cycling, swimming, football  and healthy food all other things for your fitness .

The median goal for moderate to intense exercise is 60 minutes a day. WHO’s Dr. Fiona Bull says, ‘I think this is not a very difficult goal. It is based on research on what is needed for good health and development for fitness.

The difference between moderate and intense exercise is that you can talk to someone while doing moderate workouts, but during intense exercise, your breathing will be sharp enough that you will not be able to talk to anyone.

Why is this important Exercise?

The goal of this exercise is the health of the citizens of today and tomorrow gym near me

In the short term, exercise means a healthy heart and lungs, strong bones and muscles, better mental health and lower weight and optometrist.

‘Healthy children are more likely to become healthy young people,’ says World Health Organization’s Dr. Regina Guthold.

And they are also less likely to develop heart disease and diabetes throughout the lifespan.

However, researchers say more and more evidence is finding that exercise is also important for mental development.

Dr. Regina Guthold says, ‘They are more likely to learn things, their social behavior improves and their mind is faster fitness.

Are the kids just lazy  exercise ?

So what does this research tell us about children fitness but about all of us? Do we lie down on the couch when we have the chance? Dr. Bill says, ‘The children did not slow down.’ This research tells us something about all, not just children health.

It is a matter of us not to give up exercise and fitness and it seems to be happening all over the world.

Exercise and health
Why Youth Not Dong Exercise

So what’s the matter exercise ?

There is no single reason why exercise is being so low, but some things seem to be commonplace. One reason is the focus on educational performance compared to physical health.

One of the authors of the report, Leanne Riley, says: ‘Children of this age are often asked to emphasize their studies. They often spend a large part of the day reading and reading, which is why they get less workout opportunities.

Researchers also say there have been concerns about the safety of sports and fitness facilities, access to them and the cost of them. Dangerous roads mean that cycling to a friend’s house or school is no longer an option.

“Concerns about safety are very important.”

Due to digital play (video games), and entertainment on the phone, tablet or computer, children have less time to exercise. Dr. Bill says access to entertainment is now greater than previous generations.

Is a country better than anyone exercise ?

WHO says lack of exercise is a global problem that is found in every country. According to research, Bangladeshi children are at the forefront of the exercise, but 66% of the children are not exercising for one hour.

Boys (93 percent) in the Philippines and girls (97 percent) in exercise and fitness in South Korea are the least active. In Britain, 75% of boys and 85% of girls are not exercising to the recommended target.

How far back are the girls in exercise?

According to this research, there are only four countries in the world where girls get more exercise and fitness than boys, Tonga, Samoa, Afghanistan and Zambia.

According to research, 85% of girls globally are not able to do the recommended exercise and 78% of the boys are unable to do so.

In countries like the US and Ireland, there is considerable difference between the two genders. In both countries, the proportion of boys who do not work out is 64%, while in girls it is 81%.

Why so much difference between boys and girls in exercise ?

Again there is no single reason for this phenomenon and it has different causes in different countries. ‘There are some cultural elements here as well.

In some countries, girls are not allowed to play or encouraged in sports. ‘ Researchers also say that the way sports are encouraged encourages more interest for boys. And it will require more work to advance girls’ choice activities.

Riley says he doesn’t have that much facilities. ‘Most are not separate changing rooms that make girls feel comfortable.’

What is improving in exercise?

Yes, to some extent. A child health study looked at exercise trends from 2001 to 2016. According to the research, the rate of boys fell from 88 percent to 78 percent during this period, while it remained at 85 percent among girls.

How to Improve health in exercise ?

Its very important to improve health by fitness and its come by different method by fit online classes

What do experts say?

Dr. Mark Tremblay is affiliated with the Children’s Hospital at Eastern Ontario Research Institute in Canada.

He says, ‘The electric revolution has fundamentally changed the way people move fitness .

Their homes, mortgage practices, work, play and travel modes have changed the way they are left alone at home and are often sitting on a chair. Compared to the past, people are less asleep most of them sitting, not moving, busy driving and have exhausted from physical exertion. ‘

According to Professor Russell Wiener, president of the Royal College of Children’s Health, the results are ‘alarming’. ‘Dynamic children have good health and life and are generally good at education.

He says, ‘We must create facilities for exercise and fitness  so that children and young people can live a vibrant and healthy life.

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