What’s new in Fortnite’s Chapter 2, Season 2?

Fortnite's Chapter 2 Season 2

Fortnite’s Chapter 2 Season 2 Fortnite players were greeted with a whole new set of combat passage skins, including a completely unique one. No, not an exhausted cat. No, not the guy who can turn things into gold. But rather, it will be the first level skin, Maya, which Epic can boast of 3.8 million potential settings, and this is the first fully customizable skin of the game.

Fortnite’s Chapter 2: A Warning About Configuring Maya and Where and How to Do It

However, while you may be thrilled to dive in and start customizing it to your liking, Epic has made this … a bit complicated.

First, you won’t “edit the style” the way you think in the locker. Rather, Maya has a completely separate part of the shelter in the main passage room. It is located in the upper right corner of the zone and is called the “Update repository”.

Fortnite’s  chapter 2 trailer

That’s where you go to set up Maya, and yet we’re not done here yet, as there are other catches.Epic decided to set up Maya for the duration of the season. Every week (all ten weeks) a new challenge will appear to unlock another part of Maya that you can customize.

This week is her hair, and you need to get an AR specialist medal with her (250 damage with AR in the match) to be able to unlock a carousel of four hairstyles. Next week it will be her tattoos, and all week for 10 – her scarf.But wait, that’s not all.

Warning before you rush, choose a new hairstyle for Maya. For some reason, Epic decided that any settings you make in Maya are permanent. As in the case when you choose something, a new hairstyle, shirt color, anything, you cannot change it as soon as you do it.

What’s new in Fortnite’s Chapter 2, Season 2?

For me, this view defies the goal of customization, as I see no reason. Maybe Epic wants people to dedicate themselves to their unique Maya without any refunds, although I still don’t know why they wouldn’t care if people want to customize Maya after that.

My hunch? This may be a technical issue. Once this season is over, there will no longer be an Upgrade Vault, and literally there is nowhere to configure it, because it is much more difficult than just choosing an editing style.

However, there is good news. In fact, you can redesign your Maya in advance, even if you haven’t opened it in the coming weeks.

No matter which look you choose from it, it will remain “selected”, so you can see how her entire outfit might look in the future, when you have access to all items. It even stays in place when you exit the vault or exit the game in return. 

Fortnite’s Chapter 2, Season 2?

Fortnite’s Chapter 2 Season 2

So at least you have the whole season to plan how you want the final version to look like her, even if it has to be a constant choice (and even if most versions of her look look like some kind of general unusual skin that you can find in history, to be honest).

I really like this idea, and I would really like it to become even more popular in the future. I think that maybe someday we * will be able * to see some creator of Epic skins like this, but it may be more metaverse when this happens, and not something that could potentially take away skin sale.

Epic I could see how someday people will adjust their default values, and again, Epic wants to sell skins, and you update them, so it seems to contradict these goals. Therefore, why you can do this is only one skin (for now, anyway).

Land at Lokki, Apre Ski and Mount Cay Lighthouse (0/3)

This is a simple task, because all that is needed is to land in three places at the beginning of the match. Look at the map below where to find three places where you can get.

Search for chests in the Grotto or Shark (0/7)

Grotto and Shark are two new attractions added in season 2. Shark is located on the island northwest of the island, and Grotto is on the east side. See the map above or the in-game map for locations.

Deals damage to minions (0/2000)

The henchmen are non-player characters found in new sights. They carry key cards and information on where to find secret vaults that contain a lot of booty.

Open doors blocked by ID scanner in different matches (0/3)

Part of the rebuilding of the secret agent this season is an identification scanner for certain doors.

To open these doors players will have to knock down a minion. Stand next to them while they crawl on the ground, and select the transfer option. Bring them to the ID scanner, let it finish the scan and the door will open.

yourself inside a telephone box in different matches (0/3)

Telephone booths are scattered throughout the island and allow players to change into ghost or shadow agency clothing. 

Throw different shield items or healing items (0/3) The new game mechanics in the second season – throwing supplies. Equip them and throw them like grenades to help a teammate who is at a distance.

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