Free Residential Plots and Electric Buses Scheme For Sindh

The Sindh Government has recently announced two groundbreaking initiatives: free residential plots for government employees and the introduction of electric buses in Karachi. These schemes are designed to enhance housing options for government workers and address the transportation needs of Karachi. Here’s a detailed overview of these new programs.

Free Residential Plots for Government Employees

Sindh’s Information Minister, Sharjeel Memon, has introduced a housing society initiative aimed at government employees. This scheme will enable employees to acquire residential plots through affordable installment plans, making homeownership more accessible. Punjab Goverment lunch new App name Maryam Ki Dastak Apply for it.

Key Features of the Residential Plots Scheme

  • Affordable Housing: Government employees can secure residential plots at significantly reduced costs.
  • Installment Plans: Plots can be obtained through easy installment plans, easing the financial burden.
  • Eligibility: The scheme is available to both upper-grade and lower-grade government employees, including personnel from the Sindh police and traffic police departments.
The Sindh Government has also launched the Free Residential Plots , a forward-thinking project aimed at modernizing public transportation in Karachi.


  • Financial Relief: Lower-cost plots and installment plans alleviate financial pressure on employees.
  • Increased Accessibility: More government employees can now own homes due to the affordability and ease of the scheme.
Free Residential PlotsFree plots for low-income citizens without other property in Sindh, allocated via balloting.
Eligibility CriteriaMonthly income below a specified threshold, no other property ownership in Sindh.
Electric BusesIntroduction of electric buses with modern amenities to major cities, promoting eco-friendly transport.
Expected BenefitsAffordable housing, reduced air pollution, and cost-effective and comfortable public transport.

Electric Buses Scheme For Karachi

The Sindh Government has also launched the “Electric Buses Scheme in Sindh“, a forward-thinking project aimed at modernizing public transportation in Karachi. This initiative involves the introduction of a fleet of electric buses across major cities in the province.

Key Features of the Electric Buses Scheme

  • New Bus Routes: Approval of new routes for electric buses to cater to Karachi’s transportation demands.
  • Demand: Karachi requires 8,000 buses to meet its transportation needs.


  • Eco-Friendly: Electric buses will significantly reduce pollution in the city, contributing to a cleaner environment.
  • Improved Public Transport: The new routes and buses will enhance the public transportation system, making it more efficient and reliable.

Detailed Overview of the Electric Buses

The electric buses will be equipped with modern amenities such as air conditioning, comfortable seating, and Wi-Fi connectivity. This transition to electric-powered buses aims to reduce air pollution, lower fuel costs, and provide a more comfortable and dependable public transportation system for the people of Sindh.

Frequently Asked Questions

Who is eligible for the residential plots scheme?

Eligible participants include upper-grade and lower-grade government employees, as well as personnel from the Sindh police and traffic police departments.

What is the purpose of introducing electric buses in Karachi?

The electric buses aim to modernize Karachi’s public transportation system and reduce environmental pollution.


The Sindh Government’s initiatives to provide free residential plots for government employees and introduce electric buses in Karachi represent significant steps towards improving living conditions and public transportation in the region. These programs are expected to offer financial relief to government workers and reduce pollution in Karachi, contributing to a better quality of life for its residents.

By staying informed about these initiatives and taking advantage of the opportunities they present, eligible participants can significantly improve their living standards and contribute to a more sustainable future for Karachi.

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