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The Shocking Revelation of Ghazi Faisal Case.

The Shocking Revelation of Ghazi Faisal Case.

According to police in Peshawar a man was shot dead in front of a judge during a blasphemy hearing in a local court.

Ghazi Faisal Case
Ghazi Faisal Case

The incident took place in the court of Sessions Judge Shaukat Ali on Wednesday morning. According to police accused Tahir Ahmed Naseem was taken to the court for trial where a man entered the court and opened fire on him.

Latest Update and News On Ghazi Faisal Case

According to police the attacker has been arrested Police said the victim was identified as Tahir Ahmad Naseem and was from Achini Bala area of ​​Peshawar.

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According to police when Tahir Ahmed was brought from jail to be produced before the court according to the people present there a man came and had an argument with Tahir Ahmed after which the man opened fire on Tahir Ahmed in the court room and killed him. 

Who Is Ghazi Faisal

Ghazi Faisal is young boy from Pakistan city Peshawar.Ghazi faisal is only 14 year old.Ghazi Faisal killed the man in front of court,police other law enforcement departments.

Ghazi Faisal Did this because Tahir Ahmad Naseem do Blasphemy of Holy Prophet Muhammad PBUH.

Every Muslim love with Prophet Muhammad PBUH.And this man say wrong words and use heat speech this is the reason Ghazi Faisal Killed Him

In this regard the plaintiff said that perhaps the perpetrator of contempt would have escaped from the Qadiani court.But I did not want anyone to say insulting words about the glory of the Holy Prophet (PBUH). But I do not regret it at all.

Tahir Naseem Dead Body
Tahir Naseem Dead Body

The Untold Story Of Ghazi Faisal Case.

The CCPO said on the incident that the police had arrested the Ghazi Faisal who killed Tahir Ahmed. Tahir Ahmed was charged with blasphemy. He was tried under 153A, 295A, 295B, 295C and 298 of the Pakistan Penal Code.

According to the police the case was registered against the accused in 2018. His bail application was also rejected.

What did Tahir Naseem And its video

According to a video on social media Tahir Naseem said:

‘Allah has made me the Messiah, I am the reformer of this century and the promised Messiah whose coming is foretold in the hadiths, I consider Mirza Sahib to be the Mahdi and I am his spiritual son, just as he was a false prophet I am a prophet, I have revelations in my dreams

US Expresses Condolences Over The Death 

The US State Department has sent condolences to the family of the accused blasphemer in a tweet saying that we offer our condolences to the family of Tahir Naseem.

For Students Admission open in AIOU

Citizen who was killed inside a courtroom in Pakistan. We urge Pakistan to take immediate action and implement reforms that will prevent such a tragedy from happening again.

Ghazi Faisal Apperence in Court and peoples response

On the occasion of his appearance in the court, the lawyers showered kisses on the forehead of Muhammad Faisal Khalid Khan. Muhammad Faisal Khalid Khan Ghazi was looking very satisfied with a smile on his face on the occasion of his appearance in the court.

Ghazi Faisal Case News on Other Channels

Panic and fear were not felt far away while the morale of Muhammad Faisal Khalid Khan Ghazi’s father was also strong and high.

lawyers refused to fight the case against

All lawyers across Pakistan have refused to fight the case against Muhammad Faisal Khalid Khan while all religious parties have expressed solidarity in favor of Ghazi Muhammad Faisal Khalid Khan

News Related To Ghazi Fasial Case

Saying that in the past, the lovers of the Holy Prophet (PBUH) It has been put on the board but we will not allow it to happen now.

Highly credible sources said that the US FBI team has contacted the Federal Ministry of Home Affairs to investigate the death of Tahir an alleged American born.

Accused in Peshawar while the investigation will be conducted secretly and the media. Will be kept unaware.

Ghazi Faisal Case Images

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