Gigi Hadid calls Jake Paul “inappropriate”

Gigi Hadid calls Jake Paul “inappropriate” amid his drama with Zayn Malik: inside a feud (exclusive)


Top Trend:learned new details about the Las Vegas incident between Zane Malik and Jake Paul, which prompted Malik’s girlfriend, Gigi Hadid, to speak on Sunday. At the weekend, Youtuber Paul, 23, said he had a fiery conversation with musician Malik. The alleged incident occurred in Las Vegas, Nevada, where Malik, 27, attended a boxing match between Tyson Fury and Deontay Wilder on Saturday night. 

A source tells ET that Malik and Paul lived in neighboring penthouses at the Westgate Las Vegas Resort & Casino when Paul invited Malik on a date. The source says that after Malik declined the invitation,

Paul criticized him on Twitter. 

“I almost had to clap Zane on the one hand, because he is a little guy, he has an attitude and, in essence, he told me to leave, for no reason, when I treated him,”

Twitter wrote.

“Zane, you read this stop getting angry because you came home alone, in your big ass, hahaha. ” “Bro, he literally started screaming and freaking, damn it — you want to check me out, buddy,” he added.

“Lol, I feel bad for childhood stars”Hadid, 24, responded to his first tweet by digging out Paul and his “fans on YouTube” and declaring him “inappropriate.

” “Lol because he doesn’t want to hang you and your embarrassing team of YouTube fans ..?” she wrote. “At home alone with my best friends

Gigi Hadid

like a respected king, because he is me, dear. Not bothered by your inappropriate ugly Go to bed.”

Paul had previously publicly feuded with his brother Logan Paul and YouTube star Alyssa.


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