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Gold Rate in Pakistan Today 23 June 2022 – Daily Gold Rate Update

Today Gold Rate In Pakistan 23 June 2022

Gold Rate in Pakistan Today 23 June 2022,KARACHI – The price of a Per tola 24 Karat today gold rate in Pakistan is Rs.145900.The Price of 10 grams of 24-karat gold was valued at Rs. 125090.

Likewise,10 grams of 22-karat Today gold rate in Pakistan is Rs.114665. A single tola 22 Karat Gold Rate Today was being sold at Rs. 133741.

GOLD RATE24 Karat Gold Rate Today22 Karat Gold Rate Today21 Karat Gold Rate Today18 Karat Gold Rate Today
Gold Per TolaRs. 145900Rs. 133741Rs. 127663Rs. 109425
Gold Per 10 GramsRs. 125090Rs. 114665Rs. 109454Rs. 93818
Gold Per GramRs. 12509Rs. 11466Rs. 10945Rs. 9382
Gold Per OunceRs. 354624Rs. 325070Rs. 310296Rs. 265968
Gold Rate in Pakistan Today 23 June 2022

Today’s Gold Rate In Pakistan 23 June 2022

Important note: The price of gold fluctuates in Pakistan according to international markets, so Today, the gold rate in Pakistan is never fixed. Below are current prices from local gold markets and Sarafa Bazaar in different cities.

Gold Rate in Pakistan Today, 23 June 2022, including Karachi, Lahore, Islamabad, Peshawar, Faisalabad, and other cities. The prices are similar throughout the different cities with only a few hundred rupees difference.

Today’s Gold Rate in Pakistan: Gold Price updated on Thursday, 23 June 2022. Discern Gold Rate in Pakistan for 24K is Rs. 145900, 22K Gold rate for Today is Rs. 133741, 21K rate per tola is Rs. 127663, and 18k gold rater is Rs. 109425.00 per tola.

Gold Rate in Pakistan Today 23 June 2022
Gold Rate in Pakistan Today 23 June 2022 v
Gold Rate in KarachiRs. 145900Rs. 125090
Gold Price in LahoreRs. 145900Rs. 125090
Gold Rate in IslamabadRs. 145950Rs. 125135
Gold Rate in PeshawarRs. 146000Rs. 125180
Gold Rate in FaisalabadRs. 146000Rs. 125180
Gold Rate in HyderabadRs. 146050Rs. 125225
Gold Rate in RawalpindiRs. 145950Rs. 125135
Gold Rate in QuettaRs. 146050Rs. 125225
Gold Price in MultanRs. 146040Rs. 125215
Gold Rate in Pakistan Today 23 June 2022

Gold Rate in Karachi – Gold Rate in Pakistan Today 7 June 2022

You can find the Today Gold Rate in Pakistan on 2 June 2022 in your city by referring to the table below, which is updated daily.

Dateper Tola Rate
June 22 2022Rs. 145,900
June 21 2022Rs. 142,300
June 20 2022Rs. 142,400
June 19 2022Rs. 141,200
June 18 2022Rs. 141,200
June 17 2022Rs. 141,300
June 16 2022Rs. 140,000
June 15 2022Rs. 139,800
June 14 2022Rs. 138,200
June 13 2022Rs. 140,500
June 12 2022Rs. 136,500
June 11 2022Rs. 136,500
June 10 2022Rs. 135,500
June 09 2022Rs. 138,200
June 08 2022Rs. 138,100
June 07 2022Rs. 137,100
June 06 2022Rs. 135,500
June 05 2022Rs. 137,200
June 04 2022Rs. 137,200
June 03 2022Rs. 136,500
June 02 2022Rs. 135,500
June 01 2022Rs. 138,100
May 31 2022Rs. 140,500
May 30 2022Rs. 142,000
May 29 2022Rs. 142,500
May 28 2022Rs. 142,500
May 27 2022Rs. 143,000
May 26 2022Rs. 142,800
May 25 2022Rs. 143,000
May 24 2022Rs. 141,500
May 23 2022Rs. 141,650
May 22 2022Rs. 138,200
May 21 2022Rs. 138,200
Today gold rate in Pakistan


The gold rates are changing every day due to political instability as well. Prices of precious metals tend to jump or fall depending on statements made by various government leaders concerning inflation, currency fluctuations, and the ongoing conflict in the Middle East.

This is why it is crucial to constantly keep up with the current prices by regularly visiting online portals that provide the latest updates in real-time, such as Pakistan Yellow Pages.

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