Google Announces Camera Go App

Google Camera Go app

Google announced the launch of the Camera Go app which is launched for users of Android Go devices and phones and that corresponds to the low storage capacity on these versions.

Google releases Camera Go app

Google introduced the Android Go version during 2017 and then many versions that feature Android

Go were launched to the market as well as special versions of applications available that are compatible with the low capacity of this category of phones and today the Camera Go application is launched to join this category of applications.

google camera go app

It is planned that the Camera Go application provides a smooth and fast experience in working on Android Go phones

as the camera application presented by Google differs from the camera applications that often come in a large size and need a higher performance in the processor, also the Google application comes with a fast performance and less storage capacity.

Google Camera Go app

Camera Go also features a clear user interface, with some features that include Portrait shooting mode the application also tracks the storage capacity on the phone to notify the user to delete storage to accommodate photos and videos.

Google Camera Go app now available for Android

It is noteworthy that Google indicated that the Camera Go application will be available during the coming period for the Nokia 1.3 phone and more Android Go phones.


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