Why Is Everyone Talking About Google Scholarships 2020?

Google Scholarships 2020

Google Scholarships 2020 are offered for online certification. Are you ready? We encourage all students to apply for these online courses during this pandemic situation? It will help you develop new skills and leave a good impression on your resume. Google said all of these certifications equate to 4 years of college.

Google Scholarships 2020| Here’s How To Get Yours

Google experts create all the online courses offered by Google. The best thing about these courses is that you can sign up without the requirement of a previous degree or experience, which anyone can register for Google’s online courses. Google courses last three to six months courses are based on assignments and assignments.

Why Google Scholarships 2020 Had Been So Popular Till Now?

Hosted by     Google

Eligible countries:    international students 

No scholarships:    100,000 

Access mode:    online

Platform:    e-learning

Suggested fields and majors

Google Scholarships 2020 offers the following fields and specialities:

1. Project management       

2. Data analysis       

3. User experience (UX) design       

You can get certification in the fields mentioned earlier.

Let us briefly discuss the courses offered by Google; what are you waiting for? Keep scrolling down.

Project Management

The project manager has an excellent career. They can earn $ 93,000 per year (median). Google Online Certification focuses on “the basics of traditional project management and also offers insights into agile project management.”

Here is the Best Jobs Bank Detail

Data analysis

Data Analyst earns $ 66,000 a year (on average); they analyze the data and make data-driven decisions for important business insights.

User experience design (UX)

A UX designer earns $ 75,000 a year (on average). A UX designer creates a more accessible, simpler, and more user-friendly interface for end-users. Online certification will enable prototyping and wireframes with low fidelity, solemnity model development, and experimentation.

Eligibility criteria:

To apply for  Google Scholarships 2020, you must meet the following eligibility criteria:

  • Not all graduates can apply for academic education.
  • The duration of the certification is 3-6 months.
  • Online access mode.
  • Google experts perform all the courses offered.

Required Google has stated that the advertised courses are equivalent to a four-year training program. Yes, you heard it right; it’s been four years since you started applying for Google Online Courses 2020.

How to apply google scholarships 2020

Coursera platform offers these online courses; Coursera charges students a monthly fee for classes. However, Google provides 100,000 scholarships to students who need to cover the cost of their certification. To apply for online courses, you must register through Coursera and register. The official Coursera link is below.

Click Here To Apply For google scholarships 2020

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