Heuristic Test Strategy Model (advantage and disadvantage)

Heuristic test strategy model

  • What is a heuristic approach?
  • How do you perform a heuristic evaluation?
  • What are the 10 usability heuristics?
  • Why is heuristic evaluation important?
  • What is heuristic strategy of teaching?

What is an advantage of using heuristics What is a disadvantage of using heuristics?

is a model used to design a Test Strategy? So how powerful is this model, and how it is so commonly used. Today, let’s analyze this model with DTH Share.

Definition of Heuristic Test Strategy Model

The Heuristic Test Strategy Model is a set of test strategy design patterns, the most obvious purpose of this model is to remind testers of what they should think about when they create test cases.

In addition, this model was created with the purpose of being customized and used to facilitate direct exchange and self-study among professional testers.

Elements of the Heuristic Test Strategy Model

Project Environment

Project Environment includes resources constraints and other elements of the project that can maintain or consume our tests. Sometimes a tester must challenge constraints, and sometimes have to accept them.

Product Elements

Product Elements are what you plan to test. The software will be very complex and not touchable (invisible). It is important to have a test that covers the software.

Quality Criteria

In the Heuristic Test Strategy Model Quality Criteria is the rule, value (source) and source (source) that allows you to be a tester to determine if a product has a problem. Quality criteria are multi-dimensional and often hidden or self-conflicting.

Heuristic test strategy model
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Test Techniques

Test Techniques are diagnostics for creating tests. All techniques involve some kind of project environment analysis, product factors and quality criteria.

Perceived Quality

Perceived Quality is the result of a testing process. We can never know the “real” quality of a software product, but through the application of various tests, we can evaluate information about it.

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