How to optimize images for a website or wordpress

Secrets You Will Never Know About How to optimize images for wordpress

How to optimize images for website If you’re a blogger or website owner you probably already know how important it is to add relevant high-quality images to your posts.

Photos illustrations and other images help make your content more engaging and break blocks of text beautifully for optimize images.

 You should always use at least one image for each post and multiple images if your posts are long. 

The Trending Stuff About How to optimize images for Wordpress.

In this post you will learn how to optimize images for wordpress so that all images you use on your site are optimized for filename size alt text (very important!) Theme relevance placement and more.

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Why you should optimize your website images

First when preparing an optimize images for a website you must understand How to optimize images that the balance between quality and size is vital. 

If the image is also small it might look blurry and unprofessional. Also if the image is large too it will surely slow down your site and also you will most likely lose site visitors. 

Plus if you haven’t actually prepared the optimize images for SEO you can leave money on the table.

1. Choose the right images for your website

If you are going to offer your website visitors a professional experience, choose only high-quality photos with well framed frames. 

How to optimize images for website
How to optimize images for website

Organic images are attractive but they are usually not the best image for online businesses its comes from when we well aware from our article subject How to optimize images for website.

Start with large (at least 1200px) professionally shot photos then downsize for your website. Balance content with images and use simple images that associate well with the theme of the website.

2. Choose the correct format.

There are 3 premium image formats to choose from JPEG, PNG, and GIF. Each has its own pros and cons. 

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JPEG files are the best choice for images on an online host as they can be resized without losing high quality. 

In cases where you want a clean background PNG is the best choice.premium image formats to choose from JPEG, PNG

Optimize Images
Optimize Images

PNG files also support many more shades than GIFs, but the file size can increase. 

GIF files are ideal for simple illustrations and images with fewer colors. They are great to use for thumbnails, but not for large images or backgrounds.

3. Resize the image

A tip for optimizing images for your website is to get as few of them as possible without compromising on quality.

 There are enough photo editing software out there that can help you edit and enhance photos for a website. Some of them have output settings such as “save for website”which immediately increase size and quality.

The biggest drawback that will slow down your site for Optimize Images for Website is that the images are too large and long to load. For example 1.5+ MB each and multiple images on a website is huge. 

A smarter and more suitable option would be to compress it down to about 100-250 KB .You don’t have to sacrifice image resolution for large images to appear on your website. 

how to optimize images for website
how to optimize images for website

It’s a balance you can play with with some free photo editing apps until you find the right combination.

4. Always name images correctly

How you name your images most likely doesn’t matter, but for an internet search engine it is vital. 

Instead of naming the files with meaningless or numeric values provide details so that search engine spiders can easily find your site, as well as your images.

For example an image of a property for sale might be named 11-website image-for-post.jpgAlways use hyphens and underscores between words.

Most of the leading web development applications require this anyway. Don’t forget to add ALT tags to your images with plain language descriptions.

5. Tools to optimize your image for a website

Optimize Images for Website If you want professional high-quality images and don’t have to spend a lot try check out

  1.  Pexels 
  2. Unsplash 
  3. Canva
  4.  Pixabay

Where you can use standard Optimize Images for Website for free on your website.

There are even some great free online image resizing apps that you can try to help resize your photos and images so that everything is perfect


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