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Hyundai lunched latest Gen sonata sedan in Pakistan

The recently completed Pakistan Auto Show (PAPS) 2020 at the Lahore Expo Center was a huge success, as several car manufacturers participated in the event and demonstrated their products. One of the exhibitors was Hyundai, which introduced the all-new Elantra and Tuscon.

Hyundai lunched latest Gen sonata sedan  in Pakistan

Hyundai Gen sonata sedan

Yesterday we had a surprise in the form of an 8th generation sonata. However there is still no word on when it will be officially available.

Unlike other automakers, these are the latest models available, also available in the international market. Our company sources indicated that whenever it hits the local market, it will be such an option.


The company has retained details about the interior and features at the moment. It is expected that more detailed information will be provided when the car is ready for sale in the country.

Hyundai lunched latest Gen sonata sedan
Hyundai lunched latest Gen sonata sedan


It is powered by Smartstream 2.5MPI in combination with a six-speed automatic transmission and will produce 176 hp. It will be a front-wheel-drive with several modes such as Eco Sport and Manual.

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Price Gen sonata sedan  in Pakistan

Little is currently known about the company, which initially wanted to import it as a fully-built unit (CBU).

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