Insults against Dietmar Hopp

Insults against Dietmar Hopp

Dietmar Hop Offends Insult: Scandal in Bavaria vs. Hoffenheim


Sinsheim. Massive insults against Hoffenheim’s patron Dietmar Hopp – and the game is interrupted. The DFB is following a new line in the fight against exclusion. FC Bayern and TSG Hoffenheim are setting an unprecedented signal.

Trainer Hansi Flick, the professionals around the angry David Alaba and Serge Gnabry and board member Oliver Kahn stood in the pouring rain in front of their own fan curve and influenced the fans. What happened?

The scandal

A banner was enough and referee Christian Dingert interrupted the game for the first time. FC Bayern fans held up banners against Hoffenheim’s patron Dietmar Hopp, the wording of which was deeply offensive. In principle, they wanted to protest against the reintroduced DFB collective penalty against the fans of Borussia Dortmund, who had been banished due to insults against the Hoffenheimer. Hopp was the target again. Bayern hurried to the curve, gesturing wildly at fans one to hang the poster. It worked – but only temporarily. The next banner was opened ten minutes later, and Dingert whistled again

The consequences

Dingert sent both teams into the cabin. Before the turn, several professionals and ex-keeper Kahn tried again and again to emotionally influence their fans.


Insults against Dietmar Hopp
Insults against Dietmar Hopp

In the cabin wing, further action was discussed, and Hopp and Bavaria’s chief executive Karl-Heinz Rummenigge had also arrived in the catacombs.

The sign

After an almost 20-minute break, the teams returned to the grass.Demonstratively they pushed the ball back and forth while Hopp and Rummenigge stood next to the lawn and applauded just like most fans. After the game, Hoffenheim and Bayern pros went into the hosts’ corner with Hopp. Manuel Neuer and Co. did not visit their own fans that afternoon.

The reactions

Rummenigge called the events “a black day for football”, he called “clear edge” against such fans. “We have to act boldly and not always duck away,” warned the Munich CEO.



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