ISTQB Certification With syllabus and Step by Step guide 2020

ISTQB certification eligibility criteria and levels

What is ISTQB certificate? ISTQB is an internationally accepted software testing certification conducted online by Member Boards through the Exam Provider (Testing Provider).

  1. What is the use of Istqb certification?
  2. Is it worth getting Istqb certification?
  3. How do I get Istqb certified?
  4. How long does it take to get Istqb certificate?
  5. Which course is best for software testing?
  6. How long does it take to prepare for Istqb exam?
  7. How many attempts are allowed in Istqb?
  8. Can I take Istqb exam online?
  9. What is ISTQB certificate?

What is ISTQB certificate?

Testing provider is an organization licensed by the Membership Council (s) to provide local and international tests including online test certificates.

Candidates who successfully pass the exam will receive a certificate of ” ISTQB Certified Tester “.
International Software Testing Qualifications Board (Council international software testing)

This certificate is in effect in 70 countries where the was represented by a council member.

nternational Software Testing Qualifications Board

The names of the Board of Members vary from country to country. For example, the board of members in the United States is called the American Software Testing Qualifications Board ( ASTQB ), in India called the Indian Testing Board (ITB).

However, the curriculum for the exam, the questions, the exam model, and all other details remain the same.  is a non-profit organization run by volunteers and industry experts.

This certificate is divided into 3 levels:

1. Foundation level certification (elementary / Basic certificate)

Foundation level certificate (Basic) is an entry-level certificate established with the purpose of newcomers and experienced students who want to start moving the steps of  certification.

The goals of Foundation Certification are to ensure an in-depth understanding of basic best practices and key concepts in software testing along with basic forms of testing.

Such as stress tests load tests and to provide a platform for professional development. The curriculum covers six main topics (6 topics):

Fundamentals of testing ( Fundamentals of Testing );
Testing in the Software Lifecycle ( Testing in the Software Lifecycle );
Static techniques ( Static Techniques );

Design behavioral test (black box) and structure (white box) ( Behavioral (black-box) and structural (white-box) Test Design );
Test Tools ( Testing Tools );
Finally managed test ( Test Management ).

2. Advance level certification (intermediate / Advanced certificates)

This advanced certificate is an intermediate certificate, designed for people with at least 5 years of experience working in the testing industry.

The aims of the Advanced Diploma are to ensure an understanding of best practices and advanced key concepts in software testing among committed testers and support professional development. Karma.

What is ISTQB certificate?
Image Credit (ISTQB )

The curriculum is divided into three main areas:

black-box testing and advanced behavioral testing for business oriented auditors;
Automated test and white box test or advanced structure for testers and programmers in technical direction;
Sophisticated test management concepts for managers.
3. Expert-level certification (senior/expert certificate)

Expert certification, for software testing leaders who have eight years of experience or more.

The goals of Expert Certification are to ensure a consistent understanding and implementation of advanced techniques proven by seasoned test experts and lead the software testing profession.

As professionals tend to specialize, we will offer different topics on solving issues such as process inspection automation testing test management, and inspection techniques. industry-specific.

Why is ISTQB certification necessary for the testing industry?

ISTQB certificate is one of the best online test certificates you can have on your profile.

It is made by a non-profit organization made up of industry experts around the world who have decades of experience in Software Testing.
Benefits of this test certificate
In addition, this certificate has other benefits such as:

The questions are multiple-choice, practical in nature and intuitive, making the exam easier for others.
No minimum qualifications or experience are required to take the Foundation Level exam.
Individuals from the IT and non-IT fields can take the exam and receive this certificate.

This means that you can take the test when you are in college, working or trying to move from another field to Test.

Having a software testing certificate such as  shows proficiency in best practices and key concepts in the field of Software Testing. This can help advance your career and differentiate you from the others who are vying for positions.

This certification also shows your manager/interviewer how you have made a conscious effort to improve your expertise in this Testing industry.

Relevant  certificates have “softer” fees than other certificates
You do not need to attend separate software testing courses or QA training to receive ISTQB certification.

The complete QA training material you need to successfully pass this online certification test is available on many free websites.

Why is ISTQB certificate the best calibration for people in the testing industry?

We can affirm this again: What is ISTQB certificate? 

This is an online test certificate that can be uploaded by anyone from the IT or non-IT field.

This software testing certificate is the fastest and most widely recognized software testing certificate in the world.

ISTQB certification helps you qualify to receive inspection work anywhere in this world, unlike other certificates that are only recognized in specific countries.

And what makes this certificate attractive and valuable many times over other certificates is that it never expires.


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