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Jazz Weekly Internet Packages 2024 | Updated Prices – Codes

Do you know how many Jazz Weekly Internet Packages 2024 are available for all Prepaid customers in Pakistan? There are only three Jazz internet packages offering 5GB to 15GB of data for WhatsApp, Tamasha App, IMO, YouTube, Facebook and BiP at a very reasonable price. You can use Internet data for the whole week (7 days).

You can quickly get a Jazz Weekly Internet Packages 2024 with a specific Code for a valid subscription. After subscribing to weekly packages, you make unlimited or free calls. You can free activate Jazz Call Package 24 Hours Code 2024 or Jazz Super Daily Package. You can only use Internet services during the specified period with data limitations.

You can choose Jazz Free Minutes Check Codes with 4G (LTE) speed. You can experience fantastic internet speed and the fastest use of social media apps and browsing. All data packages are affordable, and anyone can easily subscribe to them.

Jazz Weekly Internet Packages 2024 [ Daily Updated List ]

All jazz weekly internet packages code and prices are provided online, and additional offerings such as; On-Net, Off-Net and SMS provide to consumers. If you are using a prepaid SIM card and are looking for a jazz weekly internet packages check code for a whole week, check out all the package details below;

Jazz Weekly YouTube & Social Offer

Dial code *660# to activate Jazz Weekly jazz weekly youtube social package code with 5GB data for IMO, WhatsApp, YouTube, Facebook and BiP for only Rs. 138, including taxes. This package is valid for seven days. You can also check the status of the package. The subscription fee for consumers of Gvadar/Turbat will be increased. You can also activate this package via IVR.

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You can subscribe to this package at any time of the day. You can check the remaining megabytes by dialing the status code. This is a non-recursive offer, so you must reactivate it after it expires. Please read the package summary below about the jazz weekly youtube social package code.

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Package NameJazz weekly youtube and social package
Internet Data:5 GB (5000 MBs)
List of Social Media:YouTube + WhatsApp + Facebook + BiP
Subscription Fee:Rs.138
Subscription Fee (Gwadar/Turbat):Rs.204
Subscription Code:*660#
Status Code:*660*2#
Subscription Via IVR:Dial 3111 > 1 > 5
Validity:7 Days
Jazz Weekly Youtube And Social Package

Jazz Weekly Mega Package

If you want unlimited browsing through Google, you can choose another great offer: the jazz weekly mega package. You can use 10 GB of data, including 1 GB of internet data, for the specific use of WhatsApp. The jazz weekly mega package is available for just Rs. 287, including taxes.

Dial *159# to sign up for Jazz Weekly Mega Package Deal and enjoy 11 GB of internet for only Rs 287 for seven days. You can also check the remaining MB using the status code tool.

Jazz Weekly Internet Packages
Jazz Weekly Internet Packages
Package NameWeekly Mega Package
Internet Data:11 GB (11000 MBs)
List of Social Media:WhatsApp
Subscription Fee:Rs.287
Subscription Fee (Gwadar/Turbat):Rs.345
Subscription Code:*159#
Status Code:*159*2#
Validity:7 Days
Jazz Weekly Mega Package

Jazz Weekly Mega Plus 25 gb

To get more and more Internet MBs, you should choose the jazz weekly mega plus 25 GB offer, which includes 25 GB of the Internet for seven days. You can easily activate by dialing subscription code *453# to activate a fantastic package for only Rs. 338. The package is valuable for students who use the Internet to study; they can rest easy for a whole week.

Package NameWeekly Mega Plus Package
Internet Data:25 GB (25000 MBs)
Data Usage Time:15 GB [For 24 Hours] and 10 GB [For 2 AM to 2 PM]
Extra Facility:Free Tamasha App
Subscription Fee:Rs.338
Subscription Fee (Gwadar/Turbat):Rs.441
Subscription Code:*453#
Status Code:*453*2#
Validity:7 Days
Jazz Weekly Mega Plus 25 gb

Are you ready to take advantage of all the fantastic Jazz Weekly internet packages? Then you will enjoy your Super 4G packages. You can subscribe to all of these packages with subscription codes. You can use unlimited internet for a week after successfully activating the Jazz Weekly Internet Packages 2024.

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