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Apple:I phone Held the October 2019 presentation, but not for everyone. Two new devices

Apple held the October 2019 presentation, but not for everyone. Two new devices

Apple has developed its unique philosophy, traditions, and rules. Most of them came up with the legendary CEO Steve Jobs. For quite a long time they are certain commandments that no one dares to violate.

Therefore, in October of this year, we were very surprised that the Cupertinos did not hold a traditional presentation. But recently found out that it still took place. This time virtually secretly. In Cupertino, only the most respected guests were invited, among whom someone let slip on two new devices.

Secret Apple Presentation

The fact that the event did take place, told the authoritative source The Information. According to him, the event was held in late October at the Steve Jobs Theater. It was attended only by the most senior employees and investors. Only about 1000 people.

It is difficult to call this a typical presentation. No, neither the MacBook Pro 16 ” nor the AirPods Pro , which recently just appeared on the company’s website, the developers have not shown any other new products. But they opened the curtain on the developed devices of additional reality. There will be two at once and they will be released one by one in 2022 and 2023.

Apple AR Glasses

The source claims that Cupertino’s augmented reality glasses will receive a high-resolution display, as well as high-resolution cameras that can bring small labels and details closer and clearly recognize the edges of objects in space.

Rumor has it that the developers even showed the audience a video on which a virtual coffee machine is placed on the table using augmented reality technologies. The table was surrounded by people from all sides, but the virtual object looked quite naturally and covered people behind it.

Corporate executives said they would turn to third-party software developers with a request to start work on creating programs before the accessory was released. This is very pleasing, because after the release the gadget will receive many applications.

It is stated that the first model will be released as early as 2022. It is being developed under the code name N301. Later, in 2023, an improved version will appear under the code N421, which will receive more features. They will differ from each other in appearance and characteristics. Nevertheless, the purpose of the gadgets will be the same.

Now the network is actively talking that AR glasses will replace the iPhone. Allegedly, smartphones will simply not be needed. But we believe that the accessory will not be able to replace phones, at least in the coming years after the release.

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