The Most Recent Myths About The Corona Virus!

The Most Recent Myths About The Corona Virus!

It is only natural that myths and rumors about the Corona virus are widespread in the world today, especially after the wave of fear and panic caused by this virus that has begun to appear in countries neighboring China, as well as far from it.

Although there are many important facts and information about this virus and how to prevent it, there is also false and incorrect information about the disease, and it also contributes to its further spread. That is why the World Health Organization and Google have sought to address false allegations of the Corona virus, and Facebook, Twitter and YouTube are seeking to close the accounts responsible for spreading false news.

The most recent myths about the Corona virus!

Be careful not to receive packages from China

Despite rumors of conspiracy theorists spread online, it is safe to get parcels from China.

As the World Health Organization clarifies that corona viruses do not live long on surfaces, it is therefore unreasonable to transmit from one country to another on the surfaces of letters or postal parcels, and therefore those who receive parcels from China are not at risk of contracting the new coronavirus.

Corona virus treatment is in your kitchen

Scientists have not yet discovered a specific treatment for the Corona virus, and products available at home such as sesame seed oil, garlic and chicken soup will not help in the treatment.

Although people like Zhang Jinong of Wuhan Union Hospital promoted the benefit of chicken soup in treating the disease, and claimed that they had regained their health after infection with the Corona virus, in January 2020, because of chicken soup, however, there is no evidence to suggest the effectiveness of this treatment

Rinsing the nose with salt water and mouthwash can help prevent infection

The products in the bathroom will not provide any help in fighting the Corona virus, as do kitchen products (except for using soap or hand sanitizers to prevent infection).

Unfortunately, there is no evidence to suggest that rinsing the nose regularly with a saline solution or mouthwash will prevent infection with the Corona virus.

However, hand hygiene is the first and most important defense line, individuals can get sick when they put their HIV-infected hands in their mouth, nose, or eyes.

Drinking “Miracle Mineral Solution” products containing chlorine dioxide can kill the virus

Followers of the QAnon conspiracy theory in support of US President Donald Trump are encouraging others to fight Corona virus by drinking a substance called “Miracle Mineral Solution”.

The questioner contains a bleach, and was mistakenly promoted as a miracle cure for everything from autism to cancer and HIV.

Experts, including the US Food and Drug Administration, have repeatedly warned consumers not to be cheated, because this substance may cause severe vomiting and liver failure.

Covering the face with home-made masks is a good idea


On social media, there are photos of people wearing face masks made of anything available around them, such as fruit and full-face helmets made from recycled water bottles.

While sales of paper masks peaked, even the South Korean government threatened citizens with a two-year prison term if it was proven that they were saving face masks and other products that might help slow the spread of the disease.

Are any of these preventive methods really effective? No, water bottles and plastic bags worn on the head pose a potential choking hazard.

Even surgical masks are not likely to help, they are designed to keep water droplets from breathing and droplets inside, not outside.

Antibiotics can fight the virus

Antibiotics fight bacteria, not viruses. Antibiotics can be used to combat secondary infections that may appear in patients with the Corona virus, but they do not protect against the disease itself.

Scientists are trying to develop antivirals and repurposed existing drugs, but there is currently no specific treatment for the new corona virus.


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