Nashville casualties and destruction

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Nashville casualties and destruction

Tornadoes spank Nashville causing multiple casualties and destruction

NASHVILLE, Tennessee. – At least two tornadoes hit central Tennessee in the early hours of Tuesday, including one that caused damage near downtown Nashville. Thousands of people have run out of electrical service.

According to reports, the tornado near the city center made landfall in Hermitage, about 10 miles east of the city. According to the authorities there are reports of 2 people killed in that area.

Police officers and firefighters responded to about 40 building crashes around the city, said Nashville Metro police.

A video posted online

from east Nashville showed what appeared to be a well-defined tornado that moved quickly through the city. Lightning flashed repeatedly while much of the city was in darkness. The hum of the wind was heard after the tornado disappeared from sight.

nashville accidents now


The images on social networks

showed significant damage to buildings, broken cables in downed power lines and structures that are now unrecognizable since the tornado had reduced them to rubble.

Nashville casualties and destruction

A photo showed a white vinyl fence where a car had fallen. Another showed the roof and walls of a building that still had what appeared to be boxes stacked on the shelves.

Nashville police said

in a tweet that two deaths in eastern Nashville had been reported to the department, but did not say whether the deaths were confirmed.

Two tornado warnings in Putnam County, east of Nashville, were reported shortly thereafter. The National Weather Service said the tornadoes were confirmed by radar.

The Nashville Metro Public

Schools reported that their schools would close on Tuesday due to tornado damage. The polling stations in the schools were expected to remain open, as well as the district offices, according to their official account tweets.


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