Netflix series I Am Not Okay With This

Netflix series I Am Not Okay With This

Sneak Peek: Netflix’s “I’m Not Alright” Series Is this something for you? Netflix is ​​currently copying and pasting, as well. Post three popular TV shows (13 reasons why, weird stuff, and sex education) and see what happens. Exactly, the series “I’m Not Alright With This.” Want to know if the series that is on Netflix from today is something for you? There is a quick view of the Internet.

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We previously shared a teaser for the series, but we understand that you can’t think about whether to watch the series. That’s why Netflix is ​​called: they just released a 7-minute review to give you an even better idea.

Netflix series I Am Not Okay With This

The series

I’m out of order with this revolving around the teenager Sidney; I am not okay with this sneak peek of why he is trying to survive in high schools, like everyone else. Alone at home, she has a grieving family and is struggling with her sexuality. But that’s not all: Sydney can kill people with his thoughts.

Well, if you do not understand where the connection with Stranger Things came from, this can be seen from the latter!

Netflix series I Am Not Okay With This

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