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President Moon climbs Mt. Acha with citizens on New Year’s Day

Moon celebrated his first day of the year by climbing with the righteous who did good deeds last year.


Moon climbed Mt. Acha with seven righteous and Blue House staff members from 6:50 am to 2 hours 10 minutes.

Last year, Lee Dong-young, a teacher at Andong Gangnam Elementary School who rescued a student at a school fire

And Jun Joon Shin who rescued elementary school students at a valley in Gangwon-do, Korea.

Singer A-ton (real name Lim Ji-hyun) who saved his life and saved the criminal.

Park Ki-cheon rescued a man who tried to commit suicide, college student Choi Se-hwan, who helped to crack down on a signal violation, Yoon Hyung-chan, the son of the medical center, was selected as a righteous man and climbed the mountain together.

President Moon said to the citizens, “We deserve to be happy in the new year as much as we did last year.” “We will make a better year. I wish you well, happy and healthy. ” Citizens who met Moon during the hike were photographed, shouting, “Happy New Year,” “This is a true story,” and “I should buy a lotto.”

After the hike, Moon ate rice cake soup with the righteous at the Blue House.

Chung Dae-jung, a spokesman for the Blue House, said, “Moon has emphasized the need for a firefighting complex healing center that listens to the righteous people at the dining table and treats the psychological sequelae of firefighters.” He said, “The issue of polarizing culture and arts is a difficult task. He asked Bong Jun-ho, the director of the film Parasite, to sign a 52-hour standard work contract with the filming staff. .

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