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President Rozgar Scheme 2020 |Apply Now For NBP Rozgar Scheme

How To Apply for President Rozgar Scheme 2020

President Rozgar Scheme 2020 started by National bank of Pakistan (NBP).Named this program NBP karobar or NBP Rozgar scheme 2020 under President Rozgar Scheme 2020.

The bank offers NBP Karobar Utility, NBP Karobar Mobile General Store, NBP Karobar Transport NBP Karobar PCO and NBP Karobar telecenter. NBP will provide up to Rs 100,000 to open a small retail outlet or mobile goods store.

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The National Bank of Pakistan announced the loan scheme for all unemployed Pakistani citizens aged 18 to 45.Main goal of this scheme is provide opportunists to peoples start their own work or business in Pakistan.

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President Rozgar Scheme 2020
President Rozgar Scheme 2020

The NBP loan scheme NBP karobar was initiated by the order of President of pakistan to provide Rozgar for the unemployed youth of the country.

How To Apply for President Rozgar Scheme 2020

NBP Rozgar scheme 2020 The scheme aims to create jobs through easy lending to unemployed educated youth in the country.

National Bank of Pakistan launched President Rozgar scheme 2020 program. All unemployed Pakistanis who are out of work can participate in this program.

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Here is detail to apply please For NBP Rozgar scheme 2020 download NBP loan scheme application form through NBP official website.

Also in the end of atrial we have provided link where from you can download form and all the branches of  National Bank.

The program aims to create jobs by eliminating unemployment. The program is being registered.

resident Rozgar Scheme 2020
resident Rozgar Scheme 2020

In this scheme different programs has been started by NBP. Peoples can apply for their loan scheme package in which they are interested

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  1. NBP Chalti Phirti Dukaan
  2. NBP Sehal Suwari-1
  3. NBP Sehal Suwari-2
  4. NBP Rabita Dunya Se-1
  5. NBP Maal Uthao Paise Kumao
  6. NBP Rabita Dunya Se-2
  7. NBP Susti Suwari

The transport scheme, and this amount will be provided to finance two and three-wheeled four stroke vehicles fueled by CNG and LPG.

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NBP Rozgar scheme 2020 For the Public Telephone Service (PCO), NBP will provide funding for the purchase of a mobile or cordless phone with connectivity and credit balance.

The amount is Rs 5,000. NBP will provide up to Rs 50,000 to set up a tele centre for the purchase of a connected telephone, computer printer and fax machine with copier, etc.

NBP President Rozgar Scheme 2020 created an business model by their installment method,down payment.It is ease for people apply for their required scheme

NBP Rozgar scheme 2020BusinessDown PaymentMonthly Installment
NBP Chalti Phirti DukaanMobile General StoreRs. 7000Rs. 1584
NBP Sehal Suwari-1TransportRs. 14,350Rs.3248
NBP Sehal Suwari-2TransportRs. 12,900Rs.2919
NBP Rabita Dunya Se-1PCORs. 300Rs. 311
NBP Maal Uthao Paise KumaoTransportRs. 6800Rs.1539
NBP Rabita Dunya Se-2Tele CenterRs. 2475Rs. 1057
NBP Susti SuwariTransportRs. 7000Rs. 1584
Advertisement of NBP Karobar Scheme
Advertisement of NBP Karobar Scheme

President Rozgar Scheme Eligibility Criteria

1- Maximum loan amount Rs 200,000

2- Tenure , 1 To 5 Years

3- Age limit For Male And Female 18-45 years

4- The loan repayment will start after three months

Terms and Conditions NBP Rozgar scheme 2020

  • 6% markup (revised annually)
  • 10% Down payment (5% Down payment for PCO and Tele center) including first year product insurance (including handling fees)
  • Without installments for the first 3 months
  • Loan completion up to 5 years

Download PDF Application form of NBP Rozgar scheme 2020

Application from of president rozgar scheme 2020

For More Information about President Rozgar scheme 2020

President Rozgar scheme 2020

Images Of President Rozgar scheme 2020

“NBP KAROBAR” UNDER NBP Rozgar scheme 2020 Payment Schedule

NBP Karobar     Product  Vendor  Sub Product NameProduct     Price (Rs.)Maximum     Loan PeriodMinimum Down Payment (%)Minimum Down Payment (Rs.)Monthly Installment with Insurance (Rs.)
Mobile General Store/ Mobile USC  Plum Qingqi Motors LimitedT MP Cabin 100 cc77,0005 Years10%7,7001,743
4T MP Trolley 100 cc75,0005 Years10%7,5001,697
Shuttle Cabin 150 cc105,0005 Years10%10,5002,376
                          Transport      Plum Qingqi Motors Limited  4 T MP Passenger 100 cc  77,000  5 Years  10%  7,700  1,743
  Shuttle Passenger 150cc  105,000  5 Years  10%  10,500  2,376
  Auto Cab 150 cc  143,500  5 Years  10%  14,350  3,248
  Auto Cab 150 cc (With Meter)  148,000  5 Years  10%  14,800  3,349
      N.J. Autos Industries (Pvt.) Ltd.Super Power 4-Stroke CNG Auto Rickshaw 175 cc (without Hood and Fare Meter)134,0005 Years10%13,4003,033
Super Power 4-Stroke CNG Auto Rickshaw 175 cc (with Hood only )139,0005 Years10%13,9003,146
Super Power 4-Stroke CNG Auto Rickshaw 175 cc (with Fare Meter only without Hood )139,0005 Years10%13,9003,146
Super Power 4-Stroke CNG Auto Rickshaw 175 cc (with Hood and Fare Meter)144,0005 Years10%14,4003,259
M/s Sazgar Enfineeering Works Ltd4-Stroke CNG Motor Cab Rickshaw 200cc without Meter168,5005 Years10%16,8503,813
4-Stroke CNG Motor Cab Rickshaw 200cc with Meter173,3005 Years10%17,3303,922
M/s Master Motorcycles (Pvt) LtdCNG 4-Stroke Rickshaw 175cc without Meter165,0005 Years10%16,5003,734
  M/s Pak Hero Industries (Pvt) Ltd4-Stroke CNG Auto Rickshaw 175cc without Meter135,0005 Years10%13,5003,055
4-Stroke CNG Auto Rickshaw 175cc with Meter139,0005 Years10%13,9003,146
        PCO        MobilinkDesktop Set – Siemens (1 Set) with Rs. 2,000/- Credit Balance  4,500  2 Years  5%  225  226
Desktop Set – Siemens (2 Sets) with Rs. 4,000/- Credit Balance  9,000  2 Years  5%  450  452
Desktop Set – Siemens (3 Sets) with Rs. 6,000/- Credit Balance  13,500  2 Years  5%  675  679
Desktop Set – Siemens (4 Sets) with Rs. 8,000/- Credit Balance  18,000  2 Years  5%  900  905
Desktop Set – Siemens (5 Sets) with Rs. 10,000/- Credit Balance  22,500  2 Years  5%  1,125  1,131

Download Payment schedule of NBP Rozgar scheme 2020

Download Now


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