Prince albert of monaco test positive

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Prince albert of monaco test positive

LIVE. Prince Albert II of Monaco tested positive for coronavirus

“His condition does not inspire any concern,” said the Palace of Monaco.

The death toll of coronavirus victims continues to increase in a confined France, which sees the situation “worsen quickly”, with a risk of saturation for its emergency services. Hospitals are now treating 3,626 patients, 931 of whom are in intensive care. Among these most serious cases, half are aged “less than 60 years”, insisted the director general of Health by announcing a total of 264 deaths (89 additional in 24 hours).

Prince albert of monaco test positive

While the rest of Europe is barricaded, the European Central Bank (ECB) reacted by drawing with an aid plan of 750 billion euros and a call for “financial solidarity” by Emmanuel Macron. It is Italy which pays the heaviest price on the Old Continent by approaching the threshold of 3000 deaths, whereas the “peak” of the epidemic does not seem yet reached. The peninsula on Wednesday registered 475 deaths in 24 hours, the worst daily toll in a single country.

Prince Albert II of Monaco tested positive for coronavirus

China has meanwhile reported on Thursday no new contamination of local origin, a first since the beginning of the epidemic appeared in December in this country. Health authorities have reported 34 additional cases imported from abroad.


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