Real Madrid won the battle, but can they win the war?

Real madrid vs barcelona

Real Madrid won the battle, but can they win the war?


During the matches in El Clasico, it was far from the “classics”, but the “Real” definitely deserved their victory over the “Barcelona” on Sunday evening.

The blaugranes were mostly toothless, and even the usually reliable Lionel Messi could not save them from trouble. It was 2-0 for Los Blancos; it could have been more. Yes, visitors also had chances, but they were fleeting.

The worst part is that, as Gerard Peak hinted after the match, this is one of the worst Real Madrid lately.

If Barcelona cannot defeat them when they are nowhere near the side where they used to be, when Zinedine Zidane and Co. ruled Europe with three consecutive champions leagues, what does that say about the Catalans

For the first time in five league attempts in Santiago Bernabeu, the hosts actually took all three points, and thus, this pushed Real Madrid to the top of the La Liga table.

Zidane won a tactical battle against the coach at Quique Setien, who is the only opposition coach to beat the Frenchman twice.

At night, Setien’s tactics were too conservative, Real madrid vs barcelona  the players again played out of position, and Zidane, not known for his tactical insight, used all the advantages.

 Having won the battle, the question that should be asked now is whether he can win the war?

 Barcelona vs real madrid

The victory only puts Real Madrid one point ahead of Barcelona, ​​so this is hardly a title winning position with 12 games left over from the season, but the difference in protective numbers is noted.

 Real only missed 17 in the league all season, which is the best in the division. Compare this to 31 Barca.

It is blindly obvious where the failures for the team at Camp Nou are, and they will not be easier in the upcoming league matches.Real Sociedad is in the next place, and although they are in sixth place, they impressed everyone with their football brand in 2019/20 and represent a real threat to the Catalans.

The away games in Celta Vigo and Seville will not be easy, and Setiena can expect a couple of real battles against Atletico Madrid and Espanyol in Camp Nou.Having lost five matches, they simply cannot afford to miss again.

 Madrid vs. barcelonareal madrid vs barcelona 2020

When was there a champion in the league who lost the same ?! Real Madrid has what might be called an awkward match against Real Betis, Valencia and possibly Granada, but, importantly, the teams still don’t score against them.Perhaps they could afford to miss again and still win the title at a relative gallop.

The only thing that can undermine their participation in the championship at this stage is complacency or a series of injuries to key players. Let’s not forget that Eden Hazard was not even on the field against Barcelona.

The real ones are not strong enough to win the Champions League, but this is normal, considering that Zidane’s goal was to win in Laliga in 2019/20. If they were knocked out by Man City in mid-March, this would be a blessing rather than a curse. In conclusion, there is every chance that Real Madrid will also win the war … and Barcelona only blames itself.


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