Ten Reason of depression in youth (Symptoms and Causes)

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Here we can discuss about reason of depression in youth and informed you about how we can save our self and what is important measures

  1. What is the main cause of depression among the youth?
  2. What causes mental health in youth?
  3. What is the real cause of depression?
  4. What are signs of anxiety in a teenager?
  5. What causes mental health in youth?
  6. What is the number one cause of depression?
  7. what is depression and anxiety?
  8. what is depression?

Reason of depression in youth

The days of youth are called the golden days of life. In this age people’s emotions are young and the urge to do something is increased.

Blood is hot at all times. If the aspirations are not fulfilled in this beautiful period of life if the aspirations do not reach fulfillment, then this beautiful time of life can become even worse.

The causes of depression anxiety psychological confusion, depression, stress, etc. among youths may be the following:

  • Not getting proper attention from the family
  • Parents fight among themselves
  • Examination Failure.
  • Lack of resources.
  • Loss of friendship or love.
Reason of depression in youth


For these reasons many young people suffer from mental disorders as well as some physical illnesses.

Avoid mental problems

It is important for parents to have a friendly attitude towards all their children, especially young children. In the event of a failure, encourage them and refrain from unconscious dating.

The best days of the age are. Allah Almighty has given youth health and courage Reason of depression in youth .

Energy should be used in a positive and positive way. Work honestly and diligently. Do not be discouraged in the event of any failure. Keep your heart focused on the work. does.

Getting sleep during study

Mostly students complaint-about that , “When I open a book, it is immediately cheap.

In a short time the whole body feels tired and immediately starts to fall asleep. The book is left open. Do not and do not apply. Occasionally eating something or eating something, lack of

exercise or even closure in certain diseases always feel cheap and soybeans Students who do not do their job regularly and start their studies in the exam days have a special complaint because when planning and without any regular work starts with the mind body.

Therefore they are slow to start work and get sleep as soon as they start work or study

Reason of depression in youth

Treatment and prevention

Students who are more sleepy and sleepy during study should do the following.

Mind and body move together. To keep body healthy fresh air proper rest regular exercise is required.

If the body is healthy then the mind will go along with it and the work will be done, the mind will support it.
Working out daily and on time can save many problems. It is important to make regular life a priority.

Some youths even have a “study phobia” of fear of education.

One of the golden rules is to never put too much burden on yourself when there is too much anxiety and stress but leave yourself completely exhausted.

Reason of depression in youth

Some students also use certain medications to wake them up, which can often have the opposite effect.
Some students eat and drink on exam days. Eating excessively causes physical drowsiness.
Normally the dose should be balanced on the test days especially on normal days. Avoid excess fat and spicy foods.
The food should always be eaten with a little appetite

Why Lack of Attention and Attention?

Often, students seem to complain “Whenever I start teaching, the focus is on the distinction. Ideas keep coming in addition to the teaching.

Often Reason of depression in youth I forget about a lot of things and the book is left open and Despite sitting for hours, I don’t remember or understand anything in the book? “

Reason of depression in youth

On the contrary, students who focus on studying with one another not only miss the subjects in a short amount of time but also tighten their grip on them and thus become successful.

The big difference between these two groups of students is the attention and attention they give. One works with full attention and attentiveness.

Reason of depression

Reason of depression in youth Studying or any other work that does not interest you, cannot be successfully achieved.
The major reasons for not being interested in a job or study are:
Avoid attraction to a particular subject.
Irregular lifestyle.
Lack of planning.
Physical and mental disorders.
Financial problems, etc.

How to Get Attention and Attention?

Whenever a work is done it must be of great interest.
Before starting the work, the body should be let loose and all mental thoughts are put aside and seek the help of God.

Then work or study should be done. And as soon as they are noticed things will start to work out well.
Importance of regularity:
Living life according to rules and regulations often solves problems.
People who work on a schedule of jobs are often successful.

Make your own decisions:

A man’s interest in what he decides is self-interested and his mind is drawn to it with energy. Often young boys and girls have to do things that some people find attractive. And don’t get noticed.

While it is important to consult close people in any matter, it is best to do it yourself as far as the decision is concerned.

Important of food

Eating disorders cause asthma in a variety of problems. Reason of depression in youth Unless properly the mind does not function properly and the sick person cannot work with attention and attention. Work should be done. Eat hungry and use a simple diet.

Importance of exercise
Exercise is also very important for keeping the body healthy. Regular exercise is essential along with simple and complete diet. It also keeps the body fresh as well as mind

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