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Robotic Dogs US Police Now Used Social News

A video surfaced last month suggesting that US police also involved robotic dogs created by the “Boston Dynamics” company in practical peacekeeping exercises. But all this was done in secret about robot dogs.

These Boston Dynamics robotic dogs have been named “spot” and were acquired by Boston Police for their bomb disposal squad.

A top US police officer has also issued a statement saying that these robotic and robot dogs were used “as an inspection tool, for the purpose of protecting public life and property in US.” ۔

In response to a public objection, US police spokesman David Prokopio said law enforcement had no intention of using robots and robot dog as a “weapon” in any case.

The American Civil Liberties Union of Massachusetts, a public-rights organization. Obtained some secret documents of the Massachusetts State Police.

Which showed that their robot dogs were hired for 90 days by the Boston Dynamics

And That they were to be used in the bomb disposal squad.

The American Civil Liberties Union says that although the use of these robots appears to be very harmful in the form of documents.

US institutions have also killed their opponents / enemies through other robots in the past, so they should be immediately informed Transparency should be adopted.

It should be noted that the American company “Boston Dynamics” has been working on “live robots” for the past several years.

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