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Sang E mah Episodes On Air Now.The drama series Sang E Mah is a grand production of Hum Television Network. The drama is written by Mustafa Afridi and directed by Saif Hassan. According to the director, the drama is part of a trilogy series. One of its parts, Sang-e-Mah, was already aired on Hum TV years ago; it was successful, and fans loved it. The second drama of the series is Sang-e-Mah; the third drama will be Sang-e-Siyah.

Sang E mah will soon be hitting our TV screens, but before that, the owners decided to show the first episode of the drama in the cinemas. The owners have announced it on their official page. The teasers are captioned with the details about the drama being released in cinemas. They also said that the pre-booking of the drama is currently going on. They also urged the fans to see the grand drama’s first episode in cinemas. The drama will be in cinemas on 7th January 2024.

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Darama Sang E mah Cast

Sang E mah cast includes Nauman Ijaz, Kubra Khan, Atif Aslam, Zaviyar Nauman, Hasan Nauman, Samiya Mumtaz, Omair Rana, Hania Aamir, and Sania Saeed. It features the story of a Pashtoon family.

Sang E mah Episode
Sang E mah Episode

Sang E mah Episode No 1

The much-awaited drama Sang E mah is set to get a cinematic premiere on January 7. The drama’s star-studded cast includes Kubra Khan, Sania Saeed, Nauman Ijaz, Mikaal Zulfiqar, singer Atif Aslam, Hania Aamir, and Zaviyar Ejaz. It’s a sequel to 2016’s Sang-e-Mar Mar, directed by Saif Hassan.

Atif Aslam will make his first dramatic debut in Sang E mah, and his fans will now see him acting. Not only this, but he has also sung the OST for the upcoming TV drama ‘ Sang E mah,’ which has already gained the fans’ likeness.

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The highly anticipated drama series Sang E mah will premiere its first in Cinemas on January 7, 2022. ‘Sang-e-Mah’ star singer Atif Aslam alongside Hania Aamir, Sania Saeed, Kubra Khan, Nauman Ijaz, Mikaal Zulfiqar, and Zaviyar Ejaz.

Sang E mah Episode

Sang E Mah Story

Netizens are coming with mixed reviews. Fans of Atif Aslam are happy. All the drama fans like this decision, but many others are not happy with releasing drama episodes in cinema. They say that Hum TV is high on some drugs as dramas should never be released in Cinemas. Instead, they should create films for cinemas. Many fans say this is pathetic marketing, and Hum TV will lose its audience.

They said that nobody watches TV shows in the cinema in the world. It’s an unfair practice being set by them. The fans are saying that television is meant to be watched at home and it’s weird that the drama is being shown in the cinema. A few noted that only crazy people would see this in the cinema.

Sang E Mah Episode
Sang E Mah Episode

The pre-booking of tickets for the first episode of Sang-e-Mah is underway. According to the details provided by HUMTV social media, the booking for the tickets of Sang-e-Mah can be made through book it now. pk.

About Sang E Mah Episode No 1

Sang-e-Mah is a sequel to the popular drama serial from 2016 titled Sang-e-Mar Mar. Hum Television Network produces drama serials and deals with sensitive issues, a custom where a man makes a call to claim a woman for marriage.

It bears mentioning that Sang-e-Mah is part of the trilogy series. This was revealed by director Saife Hassan, which means that this drama serial is only the second part. A third installment will follow.

You can watch the first episode of Sang-e-Mah on 7 January 2022 in Cinemas or wait for it to air on TV on 9 January 2022. The cinema tickets for Sang-e-Mah are available online at book it now. pk.

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