Sara Forestier victim of domestic violence

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Sara Forestier victim of domestic violence


Sara Forestier, on the poster for the film Filles de joie

a dramatic feature that will be released on March 18 telling the story of three women who work in a brothel, has decided that the time has come to lift the veil on her past. Sunday March 8, on the occasion of the celebration of Women’s Day, the actress, very committed to the cause of women, was in the procession  that paraded through the streets of Paris.

The next day

guest on the France 5  C program for You , Sara Forestier revealed the truth about the reasons that led her to accept to play in the film by Frédéric Fonteyne and Anne Paulicevich, Filles de joie . The actress wanted to make it clear that she had only had the first 30 pages of reading the script to be conquered . “  It’s the first time I stop after 30 pages and tell myself that I want to make this film because, at that time, I was with a boy who hit me  and the character experiences the same things. Perhaps there were things I wanted to testify about. “ .

“It takes a long time to rebuild”

Sara Forestier continues by specifying that she filed a complaint, some time after, against her former companion of which she was the victim. An action difficult to do when a woman is in this gear, which she explains through her character in the film,  “The subject of the grip is an extremely complex subject and which is very hard to explain in words. 

Sara Forestier victim of domestic violence

My character has separated from this man who was beating her, she says to him ‘You have no right to be there.’ She tries to impose limits, and at the same time, she says to him ‘Next time I call the cops’. But we realize that the next time, it’s already too late. 

Outside of her private life, the actress Sara Forestier had already been the victim of violence on the shooting of the film Bonhomme , directed by Marion Vernoux. She had revealed, in 2017, to the magazine Paris Match, to have had an altercation with the actor Nicolas Duvauchelle  during the shooting.  “In reality, it was I who took the slap” , a difficult situation for the actress in view of her past, and all the media claiming the opposite at the time.

Sara Forestier says that she became a victim of domestic violence

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