Prime Minister approves special CSS exams

Special CSS exams 2020 Approved by Govt of Pakistan

Prime Minister Imran Khan has given permission to conduct a special CSS exam to fill 188 vacant posts in federal services.

Special CSS exams 2020

On Twitter the Special Assistant to the Prime Minister for Institutions Shahzad Arbab confirmed that he met with the Prime Minister where it was decided to conduct special CSS exams in November or December this year to fill 188 vacant posts.

Special CSS exams 2020

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He said Prime Minister Imran Khan has passed a special CSS test to fill 188 federal jobs in recent years

Special CSS exams 2020 Seat Allocation

Rural Sind41
Urban Sind19
former FATA & GB16

Arbab also said he had meetings with the chairman of the Federal Public Service Commission and other interested parties to conduct this special exam. Exam advertisements are likely to be published next month when the situation with coronavirus becomes normal.

Css special exam 2020

The Central Superior Service (CSS) exam is held every year in February. However, as of 2020, 189 vacancies had been nominated in writing for candidates from all provinces.

Quota system and job postings for Special CSS exams 2020

For example Balochistan has 6% of the total quota for federal posts if they receive 10 vacant seats in 2021 and only 7 candidates pass the exam

The remaining 3 will be rescheduled. That is why the most underdeveloped province receives the largest share. Balochistan has 49 vacancies that need to be filled.

In addition it is very important for applicants to know that they may not receive the desired groups with this exam.

Inquired about the details of this issue and found that groups such as PAS (Pakistan Administrative Service) FSP (Pakistan Foreign Service) and PSP (Pakistan Police Service) could be out of the league.

Why will a special CSS exam be held?

A CSS exam is held every year in February to select bureaucrats who implement state laws. It should be noted that due to the uneven education system in different provinces.

Candidates from Sindh, Balochistan and the CCP are unable to pass the exam due to lack of study. Thus, every year places remain vacant for Balochistan, Sindh the CCP and places for women in all provinces, including the Punjab.

These places are carried over to the next year and the dilemma remains the same. Thus the current PTI government decided to pass the CSS exam for vacant positions in Sindh.

Which has 41 vacant places for candidates for permanent residence in the city and in Balochistan 49 vacant seats.

The CCP has 16 vacancies for CSS 2020. The women’s quota has 38 vacancies throughout Pakistan in all provinces, including the federal capital of Islamabad and Azad Jammu and Kashmir.

Css Special Exam 2020 Syllabus

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