Tayyar Hein Ham Becomes PSL’s 2020 Disliked  Anthem

Tayyar Hein Ham Becomes PSL’s 2020 Disliked  Anthem By Peoples


The Pakistan Super League (PSL) is just a couple of weeks away from 2020, and its official anthem, Tayyar Hain, has already been released.


PSL anthem Sung by Ali Azmat, Harun, Arif Lohar and Asim Azar, this hymn was not very well received by the fans. Judging by the reaction in the social networks over PSL anthem , the fans miss Ali Zafar, who was the voice for the PSL hymns in previous years.


Its for yur information about how people of Pakistan reacts on this new PSL 2020 anthem

The official on YouTube video about  received 58,000 dislikes if we  compared it  with 80,000 likes on Tuesday

PSL 2020 Official anthem on YouTube


For reference: last year’s  anthem with the participation of Fawad Ahmed and Young Desi reached only 20,000 antipathies and had more than 11 million views.


Although the video has gained 2.2 million views since its publication on January 28, the amount of hostility does not provide a satisfactory picture of the PSL administration.


One of the singers Asim Azar reportedly apologized to the fans for not meeting their expectations.

In a long post on Twitter, the singer also thanked those who liked the anthem.



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