The Bachelor Season 24‬‬

The Bachelor Season 24  The premiere of the 24th season of “The Bachelor” took place on January 6, 2020. This season, Peter Weber, 28, is a Delta Air Lines pilot from Westlake Village, California.

First hometown date in Knoxville, Tennessee. Hannah Anne takes Peter to the Smokey Mountain Ax House in Alcoa, where they practice ax throwing. Peter gives Hannah Anne a letter listing everything he loves about her, reflecting the letter she wrote to him in Peru.

Later that night, Peter meets the Hannah Ann family at their house in Powell. Peter tells Hannah Anne that he is falling in love with her, despite Father Rick asking her not to tell her if he really doesn’t want to say that. Hannah Anne then tells Peter that she is in love with him.

The Bachelor Season 24‬‬

Iowa, and meets Kelsey at the Iowa State Capitol. They head to the Summerset Winery in Indianola, where they make their own wine. After they taste the wine they created, Kelsey tells Peter that she is in love with him.

Peter meets the Kelsey family at their home in Urbandale, where he first tastes crab ragu. Kelsey Beth’s mother warns Peter not to break her daughter’s heart and not confuse her if he knows that she is not the one.

The Bachelor Season 24‬‬

Madison meets Peter at the famous Auburn Arena at Auburn University, where Madison attends college and where her father is an assistant coach. Charles Barkley appears in a video on the big screen to give them a message, and Auburn Tigers men’s basketball head coach Bruce Pearl guides them through a series of basketball training sessions.

That night, Madison had a frank conversation with his mother Tonya about the differences in her and Peter’s faiths, and her father, Chad, asked Peter about their long-term compatibility.

Finally Peter leaves for

Virginia Beach, Virginia, meets Victoria F., where she introduces him to her dog, Buxton. They visit the Shack, where Hunter Hayes conducts a concert for them. After that, Peter encounters his ex-girlfriend Merissa, originally from Virginia Beach, and has mutual friends with Victoria F. She tells him to be careful. He deserves better than Victoria and warns him that Victoria has broken several relationships.

Before meeting with Victoria’s family

Peter takes her aside to cast doubt on the charges. The conversation goes bad, and Peter leaves without meeting his family. The next day, Victoria F. appears in her hotel room to apologize and tells him that she has fallen in love with him. Peter tells her that he will not decide on her until the rose ceremony.

 The ceremony of roses takes place

In a hanger in Camarillo. Peter gives Hannah Ann, Madison, and Victoria F. roses, killing Kelsey and leaving her broken. Madison, who struggled with the idea of ​​future fantasy suites, takes Peter aside after the rose ceremony to talk.

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